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What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

My journey into entrepreneurship was inspired by my mentor Ivan Hall.  At 16, I was involved in a fight at a Skating ring.  Ivan pulled me into his car.  It was an Audi.  My first time seeing that kind of car.  I said, yo, how did you get this car.  He said Wendy’s got this for me.  I said who’s Wendy?  He said I work at Wendy’s. I said you can get a car working at Wendy’s.  He asked me do I know what the word ENTREPRENEUR means?  I said no.  He said…  IF YOU DON’T OWN, YOU WILL GET BONED!  You’ve got to be in control of your destiny.  From there, he shaped and molded me into the man I am today.  His teachings of self independence are what motivated me to want more for myself.  The following year I ran and became the first black male senior Class President at my High School and never looked back.    

Tell us about your company and services.

Terk Entertainment Group creates, develop and produces content for the African American and trans-Atlantic African diaspora. For years we are told that black talent and films do not translate well overseas.  I’ve argued that African American music and artist has influenced, impacted and set trends around the world.  I’ve been very intentional about utilizing black images and talent as an aggregate to tell universal stories.  Whether it’s a live event or film and television, I must be empowered to influence someone else to want and be better.  I’ve created the talent management company Friendly Brave management under TEG.  We currently represent social media sensation and Warner Music artist Makenzie Thomas.

What keeps you motivated in such a competitive industry?

What keeps me motivated is knowing that there’s always another opportunity to do better than what’s in front of you.  I’ve been blessed to have a mento that taught me to dream big and see the pathway that connects the dream with reality.  So, the theory of competition is something I am neither fearful nor ignorant of…I believe in it and think it’s healthy. Humility is the most preserving quality to have in this industry; your fiercest competitor could just as likely be your finest collaborator. I’m just learning to simply to pray, work hard, and let God sort out the details.

Tell us about your most prestigious event.

The most prestigious event to me by far is the Influencer’s Brunch.  What started in Washington, DC as breakfast amongst a few friends that included Chris Spencer and myself, has now become the must attend black event in Beverly Hills Oscars weekend.  I have greatly enjoyed creating, developing, and curating impactful experiences with people that I deeply respect and love. Since its inception, The Influencer’s Brunch has been an exclusive gathering which brings together prominent figures, emerging talents, and influencers across various creative disciplines to celebrate creative excellence and cultural impact while recognizing trailblazers who are shaping the future within their respected industries.  It’s where Hollywood, Capitol Hill, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Sports converge.  

What kind of experience should a client expect when working with you?

A genuine one. I am from the school of thought that input directly correlates to output. Everyone works and pours into one another to ensure that we are delivering excellence. Each person and experience are unique; you don’t inherit a Morris Chestnut legacy without a Morris Chestnut work ethic. The most important thing for my business is understanding what does a win and success look like for you as a client?  My clients and I respect the seasons of obscurity and are committed to consistency. That is why we win.

What does success look like for you?

Success to me is simple.  It’s starting something and finishing it.  I can’t sit here and pontificate about simplicity.  Now if you want to know how I feel about being amongst the living, that’s a different ball game.  Living for me is about maximizing every single day of life, embracing my role as a thought leader and recent father, leading a life grounded in principles and integrity.  I’m new to fatherhood, so I’ve now become acutely aware of being a protector, educator, provider and patience.  I’ve always been in tune with knowing my superpower which is being the ultimate connector amongst people, places and things.

Personally and professionally, success, therefore, is not just about achieving goals but about living a life aligned with principles that inspire others and contribute positively to the world around me.

What’s next for you?

What isn’t next for me.  I’m in the 10th year of the Influencers Brunch which is expanding globally. My company Terk Entertainment Group is gearing up to launch new projects that will continue to push the boundaries of creativity and impact in entertainment globally, with a special focus to produce back home in the DMV.   I’m excited about the future of Friendly Brave Management.  But my passion is our talented artist, Makenzie, who has been on fire musically with her unique style and powerful voice.  Makenzie exploded on the scene singing on social media garnering over 1 million followers.  She was then invited to sing on The Voice and is currently signed to Warner Music.  I’m going to make her the biggest singing star in the world.  Morris Chestnut and I have partnered on some ventures that are very exciting.  My new partnership with Charles Spackman of Spackman Entertainment Group in South Korea is allowing me to expand black entertainment into the Asian countries.  He and I are currently working on developing African American and Asian stories.  I’m newly married to the FUTURE.  DEAR FUTURE…  I LOVE YOU!  

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