An Interview with Celebrity DJ Terrell Johnnies (King Chivalry)


Tell us about your most memorable gig as a DJ.

I have been blessed to be on several stages to DJ for thousands.  My most memorable DJ gig was in 2022 in Atlanta for Mother’s Day.  I organized a Mother’s Day Brunch for Mothers who lost children to violence and unforeseen circumstances.  At this event I tasked with hosting, being a music director for the artists who performed, and being the DJ.  This was the most beautiful and fulfilling gig I ever had.  The joy of seeing those Moms dance to the music as they escaped from the harsh reality of their pain just for a moment brought tears to my eyes.  Although the event was for Mother’s who lost children it was a joyous time with music, food, and support.

Tell us about your experience working at the 2022 football classic in Atlanta.

The 2022 Cricket Celebration Bowl held in Atlanta featured the top two historically black college universities (HBCU), Jackson State University(JSU) and North Carolina Central(NCCU).  This football game in my opinion was the Super Bowl for HBCUs.  This game was super highlighted by the media because Deion “Prime Time” Sanders was slated to leave JSU to coach Colorado. For the Celebration Bowl I was brought on by Lusters Scurl to provide good vibes for the players & coaches in the Groomsmen Lounge. The Groomsmen Lounge featured some of the top hair stylist/barbers from all over the US with the soul purpose making the players look good, so they feel good, and they would play good.  I was able to provide a big assist with a wide variety of music that the young players enjoyed to include the mature coaches too.  The executive Director of The Cricket Celebration Bowl, John T. Grant found himself at my DJ both snapping his fingers while singing on the microphone to the music I was playing.  I brought a whole vibe with the help of my son Jaden.  Notable sponsored for the Groomsman Lounge was Luster’s Scurl, Andis, and D’usse.

What inspires you to working in such a competitive industry as a DJ?

I am inspired to work in such a competitive industry as a DJ because I enjoy the challenge of providing a good vibe to diverse and multicultural crowds at a high level.  I enjoy being able to set a good tone for memories that will last a lifetime.  So if I am spinning at a wedding, birthday party, or an award ceremony, I am going to pour my energy onto the music to entertain my audience.

What make for a good DJ?

There are so many different intricacies that makes for a good DJ.  Here are a few points that I think makes for a good DJ:

A good DJ can make song transitions seem effortless allowing the flow of music to seem uninterrupted. 

A good DJ is able to read the room and adjust to his/her audience. 

A good DJ is approachable and makes his/her audience feel apart of the DJ set.

A tactful DJ is a good DJ.  Allowing professionalism to speak for itself through a DJ actions is top tier.

Tell us about your ideal gig for you to perform as a DJ.

My ideal DJ gig would have to be the tour DJ for Beyoncé.  It has to be Beyoncé!  Beyoncé is one biggest entertainers in the whole world with a huge musical catalog.  I already have some amazing mixes of her music and to add that to a live show would be epic for me.  I know I know I sound like a huge fan, because I am.

Share details as to how you collaborate with you son.

The DJ collaboration with my son came extremely easy.  My son is a music lover and has ambition to become an artist/producer.  My son picked up DJing so fast that it was mind blowing.  I recall taking him on his first on the job DJ training for the Atlanta Braves at their official hotel.  My son did such a good job and his confidence went through the roof.  I watched my son grow and open doors for himself that he never imagined.  I watched my son do some pretty fly mixes and even taught me a few things.  His journey became our journey and helped make me into a better man.

Terrell Johnnies with son Jaden

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