An Interview with Model, Actor and Entrepreneur Donnie Riser 


By Staff

What inspired you to become a model/actor?

I have to thank my older brother for the inspiration and motivation to become a model. He would often suggest I try getting into the industry and not get stuck in a career that I would be unhappy in. I grew up outside of London while my brother relocated to London so I used to visit him often and stay at his luxurious apartment and I thought to myself “ I could get used to this life style”. One day I was walking down Oxford street and I happened to get scouted by a Model agent and that’s where it all began, right place, right time. Years later throughout my modeling career I often booked work that involved acting and from experiencing this, I found a new passion from within for the craft. It wasn’t until I moved to New York that I started taking Acting more seriously and decided to throw myself into the deep end and take some lessons in which I discovered a profound love for and never stopped pursuing it since. 

What are some of your rituals before a photo shoot or audition?

Oh boy ! Where do I start …
Let’s start internally – Usually a day or two before filming or a photo shoot I eat clean, healthy foods and drink lots of water and coconut water which really helps the skin look hydrated and naturally glow. I try to get a good nights sleep around 7-8 hours minimum and I always go to Bed on a prayer and wake up on a prayer. Externally – without saying I make sure I workout 4 days a week to always be prepared at the drop of a hat. Additional to this I give my body & facial hair a good trim up so I’m lookin fresh a neat. Last but not least – I sometimes do a clay mask the night before to detoxify the skin and reduce puffiness along with a cleanser , toner , and finish off with moisturizing the skin. That’s pretty much it. “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail “ 
Quote – Benjamin Franklin 

Tell us about some of your most proud moments in the industry.

I can thankfully say I’ve had a lot of proud moments in the industry however, one that springs to mind has to be when I landed my first Co-Star. It was a surreal experience from receiving the script, booking the audition , to turning up on set and meeting the cast, I remember thinking once filming wrapped I could finally relax and say “ I did it “ and the best is yet to come. Not only was this particular job a proud moment but I made some great friends that day to.

 What advice would you give someone who seeks to join the entertainment industry?

Always stay true to yourself. Wether it be a decision , a role , or opportunity, because pretending to be somebody else and getting rejected for it will hurt more than being rejected while staying true to yourself.
“No one else can do you better than you”  

What keeps you motivated in such a competitive industry?
Honestly speaking , it’s a number of things really. Seeing friends get their lucky break after years of persistence is one. But for me personally, I do it for the love of it .It’s like something deep within that won’t be at peace until I have reached my goals, something that is destined for me ever since I stepped foot into this industry. My faith in the payers I speak to God is enough to believe he will grant me with the desires of my heart.

Tell us about your skin care line.

Of course I cannot forget to hype up my new skincare Line. The brand is called “ wowo stix “(stands for wipe on wash off ) it’s a clay mask on a stick. (Like the deodorant) but for the face.I launched my first scent at the beginning of this year 2022 which was Green Tea. Additional to the green tea ingredients I’ve also added some other carefully selected ingredients such as Aloe Vera Leaf juice, cucumber , kaolin clay and vitamin E . When you combine these natural remedies it will leave your skin feeling detoxed, less inflamed, cleansed and moisturized after every use, I must also mention that Aloe Vera leaf juice acts as a natural collagen production once it touches the skins surface which we know helps reduce wrinkles… I could do a whole sales pitch here but the product does speak for itself once in use. Did I mention it’s available on Amazon haha.

How has Covid-19 impacted your work/company?

During the first initial stages of Covid most industry’s took a big hit, especially the entertainment and modeling industry. However we as humans being creative and always adapting to life soon came up with different strategies to keep the work flow going and I ended up shooting a lot of products from home for a short period of time until it was safe to open up the production companies again. Staying healthy was one thing, however another challenge was once you booked an audition you then had to test negative for any Covid symptoms, basically our livelihoods were dictated by the result of a lab test , that was pretty mentally draining. But here we are on the other side of hope and I’m just glad we made it this far. 

Where would you like to see you career in the next five years?
In the next five years I would like to see myself where I saw myself in the future as a little boy. 
Making my dreams come true … 

ABOUT Donnie Riser 

A Model turned Actor born and raised in the Uk, is now a rising star in America. Best known for his worldwide  Television commercial appearances such as “ Menswear house, Volvo, Arm and Hammer toothpaste, coco cola , MTV and many more. He has also featured in 2 reality Tv shows as a recurring Role and is now making a name for himself in the Film industry.

Donnie has recently made a Co-star appearance in the U.S TV show Hit “ New Amsterdam” as Doctor Finlay and has recently had opportunities for lead Roles in other TV Hit shows such as “ The Game” “David meets man ” and “Law and Order “. Alongside pursuing his entertainment Dreams Donnie is also an entrepreneur and CEO of the Skincare line  “ Wowo Stix “ which has taken the Amazon Market by storm. He plans to use his success to inspire others so they can be the best version of themselves to help others succeed in life. 

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