Phillip Robinson – Up and coming actor

By Staff
What inspired me to work in the entertainment industry
What inspired me to work in the entertainment industry is getting the enjoyment of making people laugh and entertaining them. It’s a special and inspiring thing to do that not only does it makes you feel good but, It also makes the people feel good as well. For example, the feeling I get when I see my favorite actors like Redd Foxx or Samuel L. Jackson, on TV and movies.
What are some preparations done before an audition?
In order to prepare myself for an audition, I like to do a few things. For instance, I first start off with a prayer  to help relax and focus my mind for the upcoming opportunity that I have been given. I then put on my headphones on and turn my hype music up really loud to get my mind and confidence right. Lastly, role play and go over my audition checklist before starting my audition.
What is the perfect role for you and why?
I am a big family man so I would say the perfect role for me would be a play hero or a man that is very involved in his family. This is because I really do like helping and protecting others that need help. I’m more of a giver than a receiver. These are the types of roles that are very relatable to me and that’s who I really am at heart. It’s also relatable to others.
Tell us about your experience with your acting classes. 
At first it was overwhelming for me and I was stuck inside my head on a lot of things. I had to open up and not worry on how it will sound or look to everybody. Eventually, my experience got to be fun and exciting. I would look forward to the new challenges my teacher would come up with.
What does success look like to you?
To me success looks like the ability to motivate others, giving them that motivation to believe that they can dominate whatever they put their minds to. Also being recognized for all of my talents through awards and nominations. So it can then further motivate people to do extraordinary things.
Where would you like your career to be in the next five years?
In the next 5 years I would like to see my self as a tv regular on a show that’s on a major network. As well to be featured in a box office film and to work side by side with some of my favorite actors. By that time I would want my journey to be amazingly enough to laugh and celebrate with my family and friends.
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