An Interview with Massage Therapist Marcus Wright


By Staff

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

I became an entrepreneur for the freedom! I love being able to create my own schedule. I got my high school girlfriend pregnant when I was younger & that changed my life completely as a teenager. I was always working two or three jobs like a slave just to pay whatever I made to child support. I also hate being micro managed I don’t like being told what to do when I already know what to do. So after realizing that I knew that life wasn’t for me & becoming an entrepreneur was.

Tell us about your training/certification.

Going to school for massage therapy is interesting. It’s not what most people think it is. It’s definitely not what most instagram massage therapist portray it as. Your sitting in class majority of the day learning the body, learning the circulatory system, Muscles & skeletal system. They teach you about body mechanics. All the different modalities & techniques. Then once you start clinic you’re working for free. No tips nothing just a credit to graduate. I’ve been licensed for 12 years & independent for  about 8 years. I worked for just about every spa in Atlanta after graduating. I’m certified in deep tissue, Hot stone, Swedish & reflexology. I also do corporate chair massage events. 

What kind of an experience should one expect as a client?

I like to describe my massages as professional, thorough & unlike any other. I honestly don’t normally talk about my sessions I let the work speak for itself. Then whoever it was that I worked on usually refers more clientele from that alone. There’s no better marketing than word of mouth. Everything else is media manipulation. 

How do you stay motivated in such a competitive industry?

I stay motivated by taking everything one day at a time & standing on my square. I focus on who I am & what i bring into the industry. That way the people that schedule with me know what they’re paying for & who they’re supporting. Look at it like this It’s like eating out. It’s plenty of places one can go and buy a meal to eat. But the people who want great customer service, great tasting meals, great presentation etc. are those who will look for the places that offer such quality service. 


What are some of the benefits of massages?

Some benefits of massage are that It helps pain relief & induce a better quality of sleep. It lowers stress & anxiety. It helps you recover faster after workouts. It overall increases a feeling of wellness.

What would you tell someone to prepare for their first massage?

I would ask them if they had any questions, contraindications that I should know about or specific areas of concern that they needed focused on during the session. I would encourage them to remove all jewelry & dress down to their level of comfort. I would also explain to them how they will be draped.