EMERGING LEADERS – Mentor Matching Insights – Virtual 2020 ALC

The Emerging Leaders Series creates a corps of trained, young leaders with the skills, outlook, and contacts necessary to generate and sustain positive change in Washington, D.C. and around the nation. This session will connect our emerging leaders with professionals, expands their networks, and provide a platform to learn tools of the trade. In our main session, our panelists will speak on “Redefining What it Means to be a Young Professional in the COVID-19 Pandemic, Economic Recession, and Black Lives Matter Movement.” Speakers will share career opportunities for young Black professionals and offer wise counsel to into careers in the government, nonprofit, and private sector. These professions typically have a dearth of representation from African Americans, women and other people of color who are greatly underrepresented and face a host of systemic challenges that are exacerbated by the global pandemic and economic downturn. Participation in this session will yield helpful tips on how to navigate e-networking, preparation for making yourself marketable amid an economic recession, and how to remain authentic in any professional milieu. Sponsored by Apple.SHOW LESS