The Perfect Gift At Ralph Lauren Fundraiser For The Brock Foundation, Inc.


The holiday season has finally begun……Ralph Lauren hosted a fundraiser for, The Brock Foundation, Inc.  Los Angeles, Miami, DC, Chicago are just some of the places that people traveled from to attend this fundraiser. Omar Brock is the Founder of The Brock Foundation, Inc. The mission is to propel diversity in aviation. Furthermore, to empower, engage and enrich minority youth with hopes of fostering tomorrow’s aerospace professionals.

Erika Hall, GM at Ralph Lauren welcomed people from around the country that came to celebrate and raise money for the foundation. “I have two children of my own and it is important for them to see representation everywhere.” says, Erika Hall. This notion that African American teens learning how to fly is a unique reality. The holiday decor was festive, wine (donated by  Random Whine) champagne and butlered hors’d’oeuvres were on deck…..Ralph Lauren certain knows how to host an event.
The black double-breasted sport coat and the grey trousers were both by Ralph Lauren Purple Label worn by the genius behind this foundation, Mr. Brock.  Holiday fashions were out for the night with people who came together for a great cause.  Some of the celebrity guests includes: Cocoa Brown, Actress/Comedian, Jason Mimms, Actor, Timon Kyle Durrett, Actor and Vairun Strickland, Actor. “It would incredible to be able to share that my friend that is with me, is the pilot that flew the plane”, said Actor Timon Kyle Durrett.

In order to engage more students, they need your support.. You can donate by using this link:

The Brock Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 and tax-deductabel (based on your local laws). Take the time to share our website and learn more about our impact and the work we do.


MISSION: The mission of the Brock Foundation, Inc. is to propel diversity in aviation. Furthermore; to empower, engage and enrich minority youth with hopes of fostering tomorrow’s aerospace professionals.

VISION: The vision of the Brock Foundation, Inc. is to provide personal development classes, free ground school education, and career preparation for youth who desire career paths in aviation. Guidance through our variety of mentors who are professionals in the aerospace industry will enable children the ability to identify with career paths in aviation at any capacity because they have mentors who look like them.

We are changing the narrative! At-risk minority children now can identify with aviation as a career path option because they have mentors who look like them.

At The Brock Foundation, Inc. our goal is to promote initiatives that serve inner-city minority children as it relates to career discovery in aviation. We believe in taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about inclusivity in the aerospace industry. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others.

Redefining Who Has Access To Become A Pilot

The Brock Foundation is currently expediting a Test Program to take the following Cadets from Student Pilots to Commercial Pilots by the time they graduate high school. This will create a paradigm shift in aviation education. Our goal is to equal the playing field so that our minority youth too may dawn an airline uniform in their early 20’s.

Airline Pilot Demographics & Statistics In The US

Finding Inspiration at Every Altitude

White, 86.7%

Hispanic or Latino, 6.8%

Asian, 2.2%

Black or African American, 1.6%

American Indian & Alaska Native, 0.3%