Food and Housing for Liberian children


Kendra Kennedy  is organizing this fundraiser.

Over the last 4 years, our Glorious Church of God in Christ family has faithfully fed, clothed and assisted with housing & food for several  orphaned Liberian children. 

Each month we ship 600 lbs of rice and additional funds to feed all the children (for a total of 1800 meals per month).  No child is left behind nor denied food. If they are hungry, we feed them, with the Lord’s help. 

At this time, the children are in desperate need of adequate  housing and more food to eat.  Their current housing is dilapidated and falling apart. The roof leaks, no running water and  major infestation problems. Your donations will help to put a decent roof over their heads and feed/clothe the children. 

Housing for 1 year = $9,000.00
Rice for 1 year = $7800.00
Additional essentials (vegetables/clothing) for 1 year = $3200.00

Our prayer is for God to touch hearts at this hour and thank you so much to everyone willing to  assist with this cause!!!

Please Help Support Liberian Children


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