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By Jessica L. DuPree

KMW Productions second film “A New Husband For Christmas” debuted with a powerful impact, grabbing the attention of movie fans worldwide. Movie lovers from as far as Europe, Asia, and closer to home in its North American home base headed to Amazon Prime to be the first to see the faith-based Romantic Comedy.

The film has everyone talking and sharing and has proven to touch the lives of both single men and women as well as married couples. “I wish I had watched it before my divorce. I could identify with each of the lady friends,” wrote one fan of the film. Another review reads “This movie hits a lot of different points … Someone is in one of those situations right now and needs to see this movie.” “I think all married couples should see this. At first, I thought it was going in a different direction … this film will change your outlook on marriage and how God designed it to be,” another review says.

For writer and producer Kyria Williams, this film release is not only a dream come true but a personal mission to bring glory to the God who transformed her life from a teenage mother to a rising force to be reckoned with in the Film and Entertainment Industry. The powerhouse writer and producer sat down with Heart and Soul Magazine to discuss her latest project, what inspired her to write the film, and much more.

What inspired you to write “A New Husband for Christmas?

A New Husband for Christmas derived from my stage play titled, “Marriage Works, If You Work It”, which is a motto my Pastor says quite often. I was inspired to write this project because of the negative persona that is depicted amongst marriage. God ordained marriage, yet we don’t go to him when things appear to be falling apart. This film helps us to understand that marriage is work, but it will work if we work it.

Your latest film confronts serious marriage breaking issues like submission and growing apart. What advise do you have to husbands and wives who are considering marriage?

 I would say to place the same amount of energy into planning for “marriage” as you put into planning the actual “wedding” I highly recommend going through pre-marital counseling, not just a one-day quick counseling session, but healthy premarital counseling sessions. My husband and I went through 15 weeks of pre-marital counseling and I can honestly say, we still apply some of the things we learned from those sessions now 13 years later. Something else to know is that sometimes adjustments have to be made, understand that your spouse truth is their truth rather you agree or not.

A New Husband For Christmas – Trailer

You continued to rise after being a teenage mother. What was the turning point towards pursuing your passion to inspire through writing and productions?

Well, I wouldn’t actually say that it started off as pursing a passion, it was pursuing purpose for me. The turning point for me to inspire through writing was realizing that I was stuck and allowing some of my past mistakes to define me. Not seeing myself for who I truly was. The uncompromising truth of God’s word freed me from my own self and I want to share with the world that there’s freedom in applying biblical principles to your daily life.

What were some of the biggest obstacles you had to overcome on your journey as a black independent film producer?

One of the biggest obstacles of just being an independent film producer period is not having a sufficient budget and the necessary time required that it takes. Some shoots can’t start until late evening due to working with a cast and crew that still have full time jobs. You want to make sure your cast and crew are getting adequate rest. If your cast and crew is fatigued, it will show in your work.  

Your debut film “The Wake Up Call” was recognized by the International Film and Music Festival. How important is it for Black Independent Female Writers to be recognized in both Christian and mainstream markets?

It is immensely important to be recognized as a black independent female writer. Our stories matter and certainly need to be heard. There are little brown girls in situations that some of us have overcome. If they don’t hear the stories and see it from a perspective they can relate to, they have no hope. They want and need hope. 

The Wake Up Call Movie

What’s next for Kyria Williams and KWM Productions?

I am going to continue writing films, as I am 80% complete with film # 3. KMW Productions are partners with Mullen Group Productions out of Atlanta, GA and together we plan to produce 1 film per year, and eventually working with aspiring writers with a desire to get into the film industry.

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