Damian Lee: Fashion Model And Entrepreneur

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What does success look like to you?

Success for me is being able to have my name introduce myself before I even walk into the room. Success is being able to move and shake exactly how I want to. Success is being able to accomplish every task no matter the size, big or small that I set for myself. I also feel success is being able to over come any fear and believing in myself in everything I do!

Tell us about your process in preparing for a photo shoot.

For me before a shoot I always make sure I have enough sleep the night before. Preparing for a shoot, I must always make sure I’m in a great headspace, because whatever emotion I am feeling will show in the photographs. My key elements are being true to myself but also making sure I’m in a solid place mentally to capture the best angles and emotion.

At what point did you realize that you could work professionally as a model?

I realized that I could work as a professional model once I got to New York, and got my stamp of approval. Being in the big Apple taught me that I can be successful in this industry. New York is the literally the fashion capital, once I got my foot in the door and seen how I was able to make moves I knew I was in the right profession, and that I could be successful.

What keeps you motivated in such a competitive industry?

Motivation is really a mind thing. It all begins and ends in the mind. For me I’ve always seen the bigger picture and I’ve always pictured myself as a model. It’s very competitive, but at the end of the day I am my own competition.

Share with us your grooming process.

My grooming process is actually a lot more simple than most imagine. All I need is a simple face wash to get my skin on point. I like to use and switch up products like, Fenty skin, and clean and clear.I also always keep myself well groomed with manicures and pedicures. Self Hygiene is very important to me and I like to stay on top of it! I can also cut my own hair and make it happen if I have to. I’m very aware of how I am presented at all times.


Damian Lee Is a Fashion Model as well as an entrepreneur having his hands in many things. Damian is originally from A small town Bakersfield California , born and raised. Damian has always had big dreams of becoming a successful model, and a successful entrepreneur.Damian is very ambitious and a firm believer in everything he sets his mind to! He got his first major start into modeling after receiving his first contract in Las Vegas, from there he went on to New York and graced several runways, becoming a traveling working model. Damian has also done print work for multiple magazines and fashion sites, including British Vogue and British GQ. He has been making his way through the industry very strategically and authentically. There’s a lot of things in the works that he cannot wait to share!

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