An Interview with Scott Yates: Fit In your 50’s


By Taroue Brooks

Tell us about your profession.  I’ve been in sales for 30 years and will continue in this career for many more. I love the challenge and it has been extremely satisfying to see how far I’ve come. There is never a dull moment in sales. Like every job it has its pros and cons. It has unlimited income, meeting new people, networking all over the world, self-motivation, unlimited income, competitive spirit, self-motivation, entrepreneur mind set, and flexibility.

Describe your role and feeling as a father.  Being a father is my # 1 job in the world. Being a parent is the best and hardest thing I’ve ever done. It is also a privilege to watch my children to unfold over time. It’s exhausting and rewarding all at the same time. It is what I live for and my biggest priority in life. I’m dedicated, hands on parent, engaged, and involved in their everyday lives. Raising my sons, I have focused on self-confidence, self-esteem, love, hard work, and motivation. 

Tell us about your routine in being fit in your 50’s? Being fit in my 50’s is simple. I work out 6x times a week, eat healthy and drink a ton of water. It helps me with my everyday life. When I work out, I have more energy and I feel great. It’s an accomplishment. I’ve been athletic my whole life, which has clearly helped me in the long run. I feel and look great due to exercise. Healthy mindset, and active lifestyle which helps me with any obstacle that comes my way. 

What inspired your body art? My body art tells a story. It’s basically the good, evil, life’s journey, religion, and spirituality. I wanted to make sure any art that I put on my body reflected life and death. My life in art form. Every piece of art on my body tells a meaningful story and I’ve put a lot of thought into every single piece. Most people tell their story in writing mine is just in art form on my body. 

What has your experience been working as a model?  Modeling has been such an amazing experience for me over the past couple years. I love that I’m able to bring the director’s vision to life. Modeling for me has brought so much joy into my life because I have met so many wonderful people that will turn into long term friendships and business opportunities for me. Traveling to different locations and the creative piece of turning an alley way into something much deeper for the world to see. Is such an amazing thing to be a part of.

What other campaigns would find to be most interesting and why? I would love to be able to give back to my community and people. Big brother big sister programs have always interested me. Being able to help guide and support our children would mean the world to me. Not everyone has that one person they can turn to, kills me. So this is something that I will be looking into in 2020. 

What are your thoughts on racism? Racism, hard to talk about because it hits home for my family and I. The thought of someone’s nationality, religion, and ethnicity is a barrier. It makes me sick to my stomach. I know I’m not alone on how feel about this. I will be using my platform to help support anyone who is dealing with this and bringing more awareness to our situation that we deal with every day. 

Being a gentleman of a certain age, how do you manage the emotional trauma that is constantly in the news about black men and police brutality? Lately, it is extremely hard to watch the news. The emotional and mental trauma is starting to be hard to handle. I’m thankful that I have a great support team and family that I’m able to discuss my concerns with. Working out has been helpful as well with handling these stressful situations.

What can we do to make this world a better place? The truth is everyone has the ability and responsibility to make this world a better place. This must start with ourselves and making sure we are happy and healthy. Then we will radiate the positive energy into the world and be able to help people do the same. We must drive to make the world a better place. If everyone would start helping each other and supporting each other this would make a huge difference.

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