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our mission is to help men & women improve their physique , confidence & overall quality of life by training , nutrition , & mindset coaching. 

By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Our inspiration for branching off on our own is two fold. Both of us were working jobs we didn’t like, struggling to make ends meet. I (Montel) ended up finding a job as a trainer at a gym. Once I found that, I fell in love with helping people. But I DIDN’T like the structure that was set up by the gym, or my inability to provide nutritional & mindset coaching as a result of the structure I was made to follow. So I branched off on my own for two years , doing a combination of one on one & personal training. But still, something was missing to the equation. About 9 months ago, Tash quit her job to go full partner with Hardin’s Fitness & became our women’s coach. We took our business fully online so that we could reach a larger group of people, and be in their corner on a deeper level. 

How has Covid-19 impacted your business?

Covid has been a blessing in disguise. We feel for everyone that’s struggled during this time, and it could have easily been us if we were in the gym. But taking our business online months before covid hit was a game changer. We allowed people to still lose weight , build muscle & get healthier without the use of a gym, or a face to face coach. We’ve had our best months & currently at our highest team member count ever. 

What makes for a GOOD client?

We actually don’t use the term “client”. We feel that that’s too impersonal for the level of bond that we create with everyone we coach. We use the term “teammates” because we’re all working together towards one goal. A good teammate needs to have the following qualities: 

You have to be coachable & ready to be uncomfortable. We’re going to ask things of you that you’ve probably never done. We need to be able to depend on you to follow what we lay out for you.

You have to be a go – getter. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Our system is proven to work time & time again. You have to buy in & actively make the decision to open our custom app & train, or meal prep, or tune in to our live coachings.

You have to want more than just a physical change. Obviously that’a our calling card, but we want more for you than just a nice body. We want you to have the confidence to apply for that new promotion , or quit your job & start your business. We want you to leave that toxic relationship, or go get the man/woman you’ve always wanted. We want you to feel better than you ever have in your LIFE! Not just have abs or a nice butt (which you will). So if you want more out of life overall, we’ll be a great fit! 

What process should someone go through in deciding what workout methods are best for them?

It always starts with your goal! What your end goal is determines your process. If you want to grow (bigger arms, defined abs, bigger butt/legs etc) then you need to prioritize strength training over cardio.) If you want to shrink (burn a large amount of body fat ) then more high intensity cardio along with a consistent strength training regimen may be more beneficial. But each persons body is different & may respond differently to certain methods. That’s why we always have consultations beforehand & build out 100% custom programs for everyone. 

How can people sign up for your online services?

You can sign up by messaging Montel or Tash! We have a very intricate program that requires a lot of detail & customization, so we always like to speak directly to someone that may be interested, to see if we’d be a good fit.

What advice do you have for someone else who seeks to become an entrepreneur?

Work in your passion, and chase results / happy customers & not income. So many people see entrepreneurship as this get rich quick scheme. It’s not that. There’s going to be years of hard work, money lost , ups & downs & more. If you’re only focused on the money, you’re not going to do right by your customer / client , and you’re not going to be passionate about the process. So our advice would be to find something you’re truly passionate about , and put everything you have into serving others through your product/service. You do that & you’ll have more success than you could have ever dreamt of. 

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

In the next 5 years , our goals are to build a team of 1,000 men & women looking to accomplish their fitness goals. We also want to start foundations funded by our business, that will help provide things like nutritional guidance & insight on the benefits of exercise to impoverished communities. We don’t want being physically & mentally fit to be an item of luxury anymore. We think that our people especially, could change their lives & end the cycle of habit induced diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure & more By having these tools at their disposal. 

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