Jerry Ward the inventor, the promoter, the research and development department for the Abstructor.


 The Abstructor is a health and fitness device that makes sit-ups easier to do. It conveniently locks your feet in place stabilizing leg movement and allowing you to keep focus on your abdominal area. The Abstructor positions your body in a perfect sit-up position, relieving pressure on your back and providing for comfort. 

With the Abstructor you will be able to reach your fitness goals faster and easier without putting strain on your back or other muscle groups. The ABSTRUCTOR procedure is the process that sets us apart from all the rest.

Jerry Ward Owner/ Inventor

In 2002 Jerry had a stroke of inspiration. Using spare materials in his garage he created the first Abstructor In 2015. For years he knew there had to be a way to do sit-ups. A way to get great results without risk of injury or anyone to hold your feet. Since 2015 Jerry has worked tirelessly to make his dream come true, and the concept became reality . He has been the inventor, the promoter, the research and development department, and head of sales. Moving forward Jerry plans to use Abstructor Inc. to give back to the community he grew up in. Through job opportunities, mentoring, and even fund raising for youth groups and teams Abstructor is set to make a meaningful impact on under privileged kids in the very near future.

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To make sure your form is perfect:

1 Keep your hands light on the back of your head and the elbows open wide.

2 Plant your feet firmly and prevent them from rocking up as you sit up and down.

3 Move slowly. Rapid movements use momentum, rather than muscle, meaning you get less out of each sit-up.

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