Kim Moore of Fitness Snob Studio, doing everything that needs to be done


Being a Fitness Snob isn’t about judging others.  It’s about cultivating a fitness lifestyle that shows you know what’s best for you.  You’ve taken the time to learn what keeps you motivated to maintain your fitness routine and it’s okay to be unapologetic about your preferences.

By Taroue W. Brooks

I recently sat down with Kim Moore to talk about her unique health and fitness business. 

Tell us about your business what is the name? Fitness Snob Studio, I am President/Owner. I do everything that needs to be done including strategy, marketing, setting up for classes, hiring and more.

What services do you provide? Fitness Snob Studio is a fitness co-working space that allows independent fitness instructors and concepts to run their own businesses.  We provide a state of the art studio and amenities to grow their in-person and on-demand fitness businesses.

What has been the most difficult component in being an entrepreneur?  The most difficult part of being an entrepreneur, especially with a brand new concept, is being able secure appropriate funding.

What makes your business different from your competitors? There isn’t another business that only leases fitness space for group fitness classes and has the capacity to livestream and/or video record classes for instructors to build their online businesses. 

What does your company do to motivate people to engage it fitness/health? We work with some of the best in the business to provide fitness options at obtainable costs.  For example, Michelle Obama’s trainer taped an on demand series at our studio and it is attainable to everybody at any fitness level.

What has been the most rewarding component to your business? The most rewarding part of the business is seeing the fitness instructors grow their businesses and income.  Fitness instructors who were getting $60 an hour from a gym are now making 4 times that an hour running their own classes.

What is it about the health/fitness industry that encouraged you to create a business? Health and fitness have always been important to be; they are a part of my core values.  So being around it and seeing instructors struggle making ends meet off of gym salaries, I knew there had to be a better alternative.

What have you observed about black women regarding health/fitness? I definitely see an increase in black women caring about their health and being active. 

What have you found to be the biggest motivator for people to engage in fitness? I have found the people are looking for fit-tainment.  They want to be entertained when working out so lights, music and a creative instructor keep them coming back.

How has technology and social media impact your business? Technology has put fitness at everybody’s fingertips.  You no longer have to physically leave your house to join a fitness class. This required us to add video technology so that our instructors could provide their students online opportunities.

Where do you see your business in the next five years? In five years, our business will be considered the fitness disruptor.  It will change the business model for fitness studios as it will force gyms and studios to pay instructors significantly more or risk that their best instructors will go run their own fitness classes at a Fitness Snob location.

How can people contact you ? 

They can reach us through our web site and social media outlets

Fitness Snob Studio

617 Rhode Island Ave NE

Washington, DC 20002



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