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By Morena Dominguez and Juanda Joyner

Morena Dominguez and Juanda Joyner are the Owners of Mo-Jo Health and Fitness LP.  They comprise a team of certified professional personal trainers, health coaches, group fitness and yoga instructors, pro-rehabilitation, and chefs through various organizations and universities.  We promote and demonstrate how to have optimal health through nutrition and food research and exploring how that impacts our bodies and fitness.  We want to increase health span not just life span.

Morena Dominguez

We work within our core values to ensure that everyone we encounter moves closer to becoming the person they want to become at any age by achieving the goals they want to achieve long term.  We create a positive and happy atmosphere for all our clients where they can live their best life right now and forever.  We are committed to empowering our clients and individuals we meet in general, on how to live longer by exercising and offering nutritional counseling.  We show you how healthy eating relates to make healthier food choices.  We show you how to adopt and eat your way to a healthier lifestyle by teaching you the basic essentials of nutrition and dietary strategies such as reading food labels.

Juanda Joyner

Specifically, we train, engage and encourage our clients to become physically fit through aerobic and anaerobic exercise regimens that fit any lifestyle, while working towards new changes physically and emotionally.  We demonstrate ways and means of how to incorporate and master short and long-term fitness goals while holding you accountable of your actions and habits.  We use our skills as professionals to help customers achieve their weight-loss goals.  We specialize in life changing fitness and nutrition lifestyles to fit our clients’ objectives and needs every time.  Our goal is for you to better understand how overall physical fitness and healthy eating are both interrelated.   

Mo-Jo Health and Fitness, offers convenient ways for you to stay fit and on track by traveling to your place of work, gym or home to train you.  We offer hands-on Cooking Classes and we facilitate your nutritional eating by providing convenient, homemade, prepared Meals-to-Go for delivery or pick-up at low cost.  We cater food on a small scale to barbershops, salons, hospitals etc, as well as to larger functions.  We also conduct Grocery Store Tours and by partnering up with programs such as this, we are able to provide valuable opportunities that impact the community public health and increase retailer business in our local neighborhoods.  We really do help you to live your best life.  

We “RAISE THE BAR TO HEALTH AND FITNESS” any and every where we go! Mo-Jo Health and Fitness for all your fitness and healthy eating needs. Allow us to be a part of your success.  

For more information contact: mojohealthandfitness@gmail.com, or visit our website at www.mojohealthandfitnesslp.com.

Thank you and spread nothing but love.


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