Celebrity Chef Huda Launches New JUST SAVOR® Spice Line and Limited Edition To Honor President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris

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Biden Beau Monde, Kamala Masala Limited Editions and Heart Healthy Salt- Free Spices Available Now and Each Purchase Gives Back To Charity

Food Network record-setting champion, American Heart Association Ambassador and multi-talented culinary influencer Chef Huda Mu’min has launched a new premium spice line, Just Savor by Chef Huda®, featuring over 20 spice blends inspired by global cuisine. In honor of the historic inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris, Chef Huda is also introducing two limited edition blends, Biden Beau Monde and Kamala Masala, to pay tribute to the historic win. A portion of each purchase will be donated to support the Beau Biden Foundation and the American Heart Association.

The Just Savor line uses herbs and aromatics from across the world and offers a premium line of family favorites and a variety of salt-free blends perfect for a heart-healthy lifestyle. Each blend is vegan and gluten-free, 100% natural with no MSG, no artificial additives or preservatives, and are currently available online at www.justsavor.com. Each spice purchase will help support non-profit organizations, who are working to eradicate childhood poverty, food inequities, hunger and health disparities.

February is American Heart Month and as an Ambassador for the American Heart Association, Chef Huda made it a priority to include salt-free heart-healthy options in the Just Savor® spice line for people committed to low-sodium diets and those looking for delicious and flavorful salt-free spice blend options for daily use. “Creating a salt-free line allows me to show others you can eat healthy without compromising taste or flavor,” states Chef Huda.Just Savor by Chef Huda® comes in premium bottles and kraft recyclable 4-ounce pouches. There are over 20 chef-curated spice blends, including Best Sellers: Biden Beau Monde, Kamala Masala, Sweet Jerk, Turmeric Gold, Cajun Kick, Southern Sweet Heat BBQ, Garlic Goodness, Maple Sugar Magic, Spicy Garlic Madness, Jammin’ Jerk, Applewood Smoked Sea Salt, Smoked Black Pepper, and Merlot Sea Salt, as well as other international blends.

Just Savor by Chef Huda® Collection

Limited Edition
Biden Beau Monde
Kamala Masala

Gourmet Sea Salts
Applewood Smoked Salt
Merlot Wine Salt
Ghost Pepper Salt
Pink Himalayan Salt

Pure Cane Sugars
Cinnamon Sugar
Maple Sugar Magic

Sweet Jerk – Original
AdoboGarlic Goodness
Garlic Pepper
Herbes De Provence
Jammin’ Jerk
Lemon Herb
Spicy Garlic Madness
Thai Spice
Turmeric Gold
Smoked Black Pepper

Just Savor Blends
Herb Poultry Seasoning
Southern Sweet Heat BBQ
JS Crab & Seafood Boil
Cajun Kick

“My mission is to inspire people to cook, to share, and just savor a little bit more. Through foods, we can unite and empower people and our communities in a delicious way,” says Chef Huda. “During this pandemic, more people and families are exploring their relationship with food and cooking at home. With Just Savor® Spices, I want to make a difference by giving back and also help people explore new and exciting flavors and allow people to create some of my favorites while enjoying some of my secrets to making great food.”

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chef Huda launched the #KitchenQuarantineParty, a live virtual series on Instagram Live (IG) with the mission to continue to help spread joy and inspire people to cook during this uncertain time. She will also present two special editions of #KitchenQuarantineParty on IG Live to celebrate Black History Month and Valentine’s Day. The popular online series has garnered the attention of national brands and celebrities’ attention, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who reposted her #KitchenQuarantineParty on his In-stagram to his 200 million-plus followers. Chef Huda also teamed up with several non-profits, including Red Nose Day (Comic Relief), and served as an Ambassador to help fundraise to help children and those impacted by poverty and food and health insecurities.

Signature Sweet Maple Chili Chicken

About Chef Huda

As a Telly Award winning television host, acclaimed award-winning chef, Food Network Champion and record-setting history maker, Chef Huda Mu’min is a culinary powerhouse! A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, she made history as the highest-earning winner of Food Network’s Cut-throat Kitchen and was a favorite on ABC’s “The Taste” with Anthony Bourdain and is the host of the Telly award-winning series, The Kitchen Table. As a millennial influencer and culinary visionary, she has worked with top international brands, including Coca-Cola, Proctor and Gamble, GE, Lincoln, MedStar Health, Delta, Nissan, Albertsons and Teremana Te-quila. Chef Huda serves as an Ambassador for The American Heart Association and Red Nose Day (Comic Relief).

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Chef Huda Websitewww.chefhuda.com
Just Savor Spices Websitewww.justsavor.com
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/chefhuda

Signature Sweet Maple Chili Chicken Recipe

Perfect for every giving evening.

Fried Chicken

1 cup all-purpose flour

1 1/2 cups panko breadcrumbs 2 tablespoons JS Crab & Seafood Boil seasoning

1-2 tablespoons oil of choice | spray bottle or brush 1-2 teaspoons kosher salt | optional

Buttermilk Marinade

2 – 2 1/2 pounds boneless skinless tenders

1 quart of buttermilk

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 2 teaspoons JS Crab & Seafood Boil seasoning

Marinate for 15 to 30 minutes

Preheat Air Fryer 375F

In a large bowl, combine buttermilk, Worcestershire sauce and JS Crab & Seafood Boil seasoning for the marinade; use a whisk to stir. Once the mixture is blended, submerge the chicken in the mixture. Tightly cover with plastic wrap and let marinate for 15-30 minutes in refrigerator.

In a large shallow pan or ziplock bag, combine the all-purpose flour, panko breadcrumbs, and remaining JS Crab & Seafood Boil seasoning. Mix to ensure the seasoning is spread throughout the flour mixture.

Remove the chicken from the buttermilk marinade. Place 4-6 pieces of chicken into flour mixture at a time. Move the chicken around until completely coated. Gently shake off any excess flour mixture. Repeat with remaining chicken pieces.

Once complete, space out chicken on air fryer trays, lightly spray or brush with oil and place in fryer. Cook for 20-25 minutes until fully cooked and golden brown. Cooking time depends on the chicken tenders’ size; please adjust the time for smaller or larger pieces.

Sweet Chili Maple Syrup

1/4 cup maple syrup

1/4 cup sweet chili sauce

1 tablespoon parsley | chopped or dried

Combine maple syrup, sweet chili, and parsley in a small bowl and stir together.

For plating, stack the desired amount of chicken tenders on a plate and drizzle or coat with Sweet Chili Maple Syrup, and Enjoy!

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