The Guiltless Brunch


By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to create the Guiltless Brunch? 

It’s Guiltless, operating as “Guiltless Brunch”, was conceived after I moved home to Dallas, Texas from Atlanta, Georgia in 2018. Unlike Atlanta, most trendy and progressive brunch spots in Dallas do not cater to its Black patrons’ diverse needs and cultural experiences.  I missed experiencing the Atlanta brunch culture: excellent food, seeing progressive and successful Black businesses, fellowshipping over mimosas while in deep conversations about our lives or just chillin to the hottest music.  It was a whole vibe.  I saw an opportunity to join forces in partnerships to successfully replicate this experience in Dallas, and create our Guiltless Brunch experience.   

What makes your brunch unique? 

Guiltless Brunch provides a Black brunch experience that mixes an intimate kickback with a support Black business mission.  From the delicious chef-curated menu and the superior bartending services to the hottest DJs, we use only Black businesses.  We also bring in small Black owned businesses to be our onsite vendors.  We are not only about giving patrons the best Brunch for the Culture pop-up experience, but we are intentionally helping to connect our patrons to our Black business community.  Guiltless Brunch recently expanded this strategy by launching our new initiative called Black Labels Only, or “BLO” (pronounced “blow”).  In 2021, BLO is focused on promoting Black owned clothing and alcoholic beverage brands.  Why not show patrons how to buy Black over awesome food, spirits, and music shared with friends. 

How has the pandemic impacted your event?  

Our Mardi Gras Edition was the last event held prior to the pandemic.  Since we are committed to the wellness and safety of our patrons and community, we paused our brunches for about 15 months.  Although the pandemic adversely impacted our ability to to continually leverage and support our Black supply chain by hosting brunches, we were still able to focus on the mission of connecting our patrons to our Black business community.  From marketing talented entrepreneurs for “Buy Black Friday” on our social media to listing Black owned businesses on our website,, we continued to engage our community.  On a positive note, the pandemic allowed us to evaluate our vision, operations, and marketing. Our BLO initiative is one example of how we took the time given by the pandemic to better understand our brand and how we can better 

What has been your most memorable compliment or critique of the event?  

We really appreciate and love our “Guiltless Brunchers”. Based on feedback, we are best known for “great food, great people, great energy!” This type of compliment tells us that what we are doing and what we want to do, are working.     

Why did you select Atlanta as a city to host your event?  

Simple: Atlanta was the inspiration.  The food, the vibe, and the people in Atlanta contributed to giving birth to our brunch series. As such, it’s only fitting to launch our first brunch outside of Dallas in Atlanta. 

What is next for the Guiltless Brunch series? 

Awesome question! Guiltless Brunch is learning, growing, and evolving. We want to bring the Brunch for the Culture community together. Even if a person doesn’t live in our current service market, they can still brunch guiltlessly. From reels about our brunches,  partnerships with black alcohol companies & “BLO” to potentially offering Guiltless Brunch apparel, there is no limit to the possibilities as long as we remain focused on our mission. 


It’s Guiltless was conceived when Ryan, the Founder, moved back to Dallas, Texas from Atlanta, Georgia in 2018.  Unlike Atlanta, most trendy brunch spots in Dallas do not cater specifically to its melanin hue patrons’ diverse needs and cultural experiences.  Ryan pitched his vision to the Calvin, who was looking to shift focus from Corporate America to entrepreneurial endeavors.  Calvin believed strongly in the vision and partnered with Ryan to host a Pop Up brunch in his North Dallas home on May 19, 2019.  On this day, a “Brunch for the Culture” was born.   Karian,  joined  the  team  a  year  later  to  represent  the  ladies  and  focus  on  our  marketing  strategy. 

It’s Guiltless‘ brunch series, known as “The Guiltless Brunch“, seeks to evolve Dallas’s brunch scene by offering an all-inclusive, melanin brunch experience that provides a space to enjoy a delicious chef-curated menu, engage  in  social / networking opportunities, and  support black entrepreneurs.  To achieve this, It’s Guiltless partners with exquisite chefs, the hottest DJs, and vendors to create the best cultural brunch experience in Dallas.