Celebrating 155 Years of Faith, Justice, and Innovation at Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary

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Special Events will be held throughout 2022 for learning partners, alumni, course facilitators, and supporters as the JCSTS platform continues to pave education possibilities for leaders in their communities, congregations, and circles of influence.

Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary (JCSTS) is pleased to announce the commemoration of its 155th Anniversary to celebrate the school’s legacy and continuing commitment of providing faith and justice education. The year-long commemoration and fundraising effort is in partnership with its Board of Trustees and prominent alumni, leading philanthropists, and program sponsors.

“The 155th Anniversary is a prime opportunity to catapult the next phase of curriculum development and community engagement support as part of our strategic vision,” says Paul Roberts, Sr., President of Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary. “This Anniversary is about more than simply marking our past but marks the significance of the seminary’s present moment while looking forward expectantly to its future of equipping and empowering whole networks of workers for faith and justice.”

A key feature of the commemoration is the creation of The 1550 Partners Fund. “This Fund will provide a focused path of giving for all who believe in faith and justice education, says Marketing Strategist Cheryl Scales. “We are inviting people to give multiples of 155– $15.50, $155.00, $1,550.00, $15,500.00, and hoping they get involved at a level they are comfortable. It will help our goal of funding lasting impact.”

Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary originated in 1867 in Charlotte, North Carolina, as the Freedmen’s Institute of North Carolina. It was established by Presbyterians who believed that education was an essential antidote to the poisonous effect of slavery. Over time, the Institute became a university that included a theological seminary and eventually JCSTS located in Atlanta. Today, the school serves as a leader in bold innovation having gone 100% digital in 2015.

JCSTS continues its concentration on faith, justice, and inclusion of learning partners who embrace the heart, mind, and time to grow in their educational pursuits. JCSTS is strengthening curriculum options through cohorts, colloquies, and various topical webinar series.

As a leader in spiritual education and training, JCSTS continues to provide a world-class education to our future leaders. Throughout the 155th Anniversary commemoration, JCSTS will showcase its unique education programming and the next level of technical platform development. This Anniversary will serve as an opportunity for financial support and global awareness.

For more information about 155th Anniversary commemoration events and to learn how to donate to the 155th Anniversary 1550 Partners Fund, please visit www.jcsts.org

About Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary

Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary (JCSTS) has been an innovator in digital theological education since 2015. The seminary’s programs are rooted in Black liberation theology and explore the intersection of faith and justice. Contact info@jcsts.org for additional information.


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