It Starts with The Mind: Felicia Wilson Shares Her Weight Loss Journey and How She’s Helping Others.


By: Kymberly Amara

The conversation surrounding weight loss can be riddled with judgment, bias, and lack of understanding or concern for those who may be struggling with excess weight. People are often written off as lazy, greedy, or some other negative thought associated with being overweight. Insensitive thoughts and comments like this can leave anyone in a negative headspace. Many of us have experienced heavy loss over the last couple of years emotionally and financially, so many people may be suffering silently. Felicia Wilson understands what it feels like to struggle with weight while enduring emotional stress or trauma. Heart&Soul recently spoke with Felicia Wilson about her health journey and how she’s using her platform to inspire and motivate others. 

Fluctuations in our weight can be frustrating and take an emotional toll. If you’re like Felicia, who struggled with anxiety, depression, and the perils of life, you’d understand that trying to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle can be difficult. But through hard work and dedication, she has successfully dropped almost 100 lbs., going from 253 lbs. to 165 lbs. since March 2021. The mother of three recalls that the loss of her mother in 2006 spurred her ongoing battle with anxiety and depression. Wilson turned to food to cope with her emotions, resulting in her packing on the pounds. After finding herself in a vicious cycle of trying to lose weight, she says, “This is my third and last time trying to lose this weight. It’s been a constant battle. I’d get on the right track and fall short, but I’ve never given up, but it’s been years trying to juggle my weight.” 

After doing some internal work and recognizing how her eating habits were hurting her, Wilson has been able to pivot positively and feels like the third time’s a charm. She also credits therapy for helping her get to a healthier and more positive space. She states, “It’s been amazing and has helped in so many ways because I felt alone and I really couldn’t talk to anybody about my issues.” As such, Wilson was inspired to help others through her True Story brand, where she uses her platform to combat many of the negative narratives we’ve created for ourselves over time. Wilson’s focus is to help others reprogram their mind and become more independent because she understands first-hand how critical the mind’s role is in an individual having a positive or negative outcome. “I do believe that everyone is destined to be great.” 

By sharing her weight loss story, Wilson is candid and vulnerable with her audience about the effects of dealing with weight issues and obesity. For individuals currently struggling with their weight, Wilson says, “What we’ve dealt with in our past or what we’re dealing with is not a reflection of who you are.” She encourages others to incorporate healthy habits and fitness into their daily routine by using smaller plates to help with portion control, getting up 30 minutes in the morning, taking walks with the family, and utilizing apps or a calendar to remain organized. As she continues to grow True Story, Wilson wants to inspire others to adopt healthy habits through sharing her daily routines and food choices. She also plans to share her story through a larger platform such as a book or YouTube channel. One of the most important things Wilson has gained from her journey is prioritizing self-care to ensure that she will still be here for her children. “If you’re not happy with yourself, how can you give happiness to anybody?”

To learn more about Felicia Wilson and the True Story brand, you can visit and follow her on Instagram @speechlessgemini or join her on Clubhouse.