An Interview with John Conyers III


By Staff

John Conyers, III is an entrepreneur in the financial services and music industries with deep ties to the Detroit area and a unique understanding of what it takes to make a difference in Washington as the son of the longest serving Black Congressman in US history.

What have you done to get people registered to vote?

At every John Conyers for congress event, we ask people if they are registered and if they aren’t we register them. Beyond that we have GOTV plans leading up to the election. 

Why are you running for  U.S. Congress?

I’m running because I believe we need young and energetic leadership that emerges directly from our community. This district deserves a representative in Congress who wield the institutional knowledge and insight required to champion the modern economy and facilitate opportunities for Black students and entrepreneurs to ensure they have the tools to succeed and the opportunity to innovate right here in the 13th District. 

What have you learned from your father’s career in politics?

My father taught me that everything is connected. He taught me that you had to be relentless in facilitating and highlighting those connections. When I reflect on our time together, I don’t remember gala’s or floor speeches that were on CNN. I remember his relentless pursuit to build coalition’s and the connections that were necessary to get the job done.

Why should the people vote for you?

Citizens of the 13th should vote for me if they want a leader with vision. Someone who understands how far we’ve come and a plan for where we’re going. Someone who will be an outspoken champion for the toughest people in this nation, and work relentlessly to bolster the potential of our shared community. 

What is your vision for the constituents?

When in Congress, I will work together to ensure that our seniors and those who built this city and this country can live with dignity and pride, while providing the resources for younger generations to meet the modern economy with the knowledge and skills to prosper. 


John was born and raised in Detroit to former Rep. John Conyers, Jr., who represented Detroit and surrounding areas in Congress for 52 years, and former City Council President Monica Conyers. Throughout his life, he has had a front row seat to the successes and challenges faced by the Democratic party both locally and in our nation’s capital as his parents navigated the local and national stage alike.

He attended Morehouse College and The New School, majoring in Philosophy. He then became an entrepreneur, working to bring money and jobs to Detroit.

John is a proud co-founder of the Next Generation board of Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, one of the largest free mental health, substance use disorder and suicide prevention service providers in the country. He has been an active participant in efforts to end human trafficking in the city of Detroit, has enjoyed coaching soccer in local public schools, and has worked side by side with community members on habitat for humanity projects within the district.

John’s Commitment for Michigan

John is committed to fight for the issues that Michiganders of the 13th Congressional District care most about: healthcare, infrastructure, the environment, criminal justice reform, the economy and so much more.

He understands the necessity to develop a more forward-looking Congress that not only understands the lessons of yesterday, but embraces the challenges of tomorrow.

John additionally connects with so many issues that are unique to the residents of the 13th District, and has spent his time before running for Congress advocating on behalf of increasing mental health and well-being in this country especially as it relates to the prison pipeline.

John knows Congress. He gets Washington and all its pitfalls. He is more ready than any other candidate in the race to take up the banner for Michigan and ensure that its residents get the real change they need from their government.