The Blue Angels Airing on PRIME


By Patrick Detry

This is an outstanding documentary that showcases never before seen footage of The Blue Angels as there has never been an authorized civilian aircraft allowed this close-up to film the jets. This results in a very inspiring journey for the viewer.

Great start for me. Brought back memories of basic training, but their training reached 100+ times. I would say their boot camp is accelerated to Mach speed. Intensive training, coupled with precision teamwork, wherein there is total dependence on each other –this dependence is necessary, because it’s a matter of life or death.

They have to fly as one!

The documentary for the first time showcases the full selection process in order for one to become a Blue Angel.

The training involves how to fly in formation, while integrating the new pilots. One of the first lesions is learning the Delta Formation the Blue Angels signature formation.

The ground crew is most important, especially the Flight Surgeon who monitors them constantly, to make certain that they are physically and mentally ready.

The intricate maneuvers are constantly been practice for precision – any mistake could mean death. This is covered, no one dies in this documentary, but they pay homage to those who have and attempt not to replicate any of those mistakes.

The goal is striving for excellence! So, they practice the different formation sets, which are very physically and mentally grueling and demanding.

Then comes the first Air Show at El Centro!

The Diamond Roll! Inverted Roll! Jets fly as one!

A success!

Second Air Show – New Orles, followed by Charleston, SC – very successful but stressful.

Their success involves the ground support, incredible crucial; plus getting to see their families. And, how hard it is to leave because of the seemingly short time together.

The documentary highlights how each crew member is selected and what it means to them. The team leader, expounds on why he was doing this – his way of giving back, the family aspect, the difficulties around this commitment.

A very Important aspect of this 360 day plus 24/7 commitment is the attachment of the Blue Angels Team – the pilot and ground support – complete trust. By the way, this is the first time a year in the life of a Blue Agent is covered.

The documentary seamlessly delves into the team identifying their tasks, highlighting how integral women are to this operation, plus the comradery of the crew are from ALL background, they are selected on qualifications.

We see how the vets hand off their assignment to their replacements seamlessly, because they are attached to them 24/7 and become like sponges, learning along the way.

One great part showed the historical reason for the Blue Angels – the idea came from an Admiral in the mid – 1940s – so that the American people wouldn’t forget that the Navy had pilots!

To become a Blue Angel is a privilege.

Another outstanding part of this outstanding documentary shows the first woman pilot selected as a Blue Angel.

The wrap is absolutely thrilling, from their grueling mission of 43 shows, showing off their skills, knowing what they are doing, which translates to their learning curve.  This is the first-time we have seen the new technology of the Centrifuge Training in relation to the Blue Angels and their intense training to be able to fly such incredibly difficult maneuvers without G-suits – wow!   

G Force baby, you can pass out during this phase, but a very important part of this training to get them ready.

The key takeaway of the success of the Blue Angels – trainees are joint at the hip to who they are replacing. Big key – trust on ALL levels!

The Final show in November is HUGE 365 days – the Diamond Roll

The Celebration of the Maintenance Team. Followed by the fantastic ending really captures the essence of The Blue Angels, the changing of the order of the pilots and the 141 personnel, the passing off of each job is outstanding, nice touch complete with the update of the new crew.

This is a must see for all ages. I highly recommend. Because other movies and news programs have shown the Navy briefs and debriefs, but they have never been shown by the Blue Angels to this level that this documentary depicts them. 

Blue Angels is not just a film; it’s an adrenaline-fueled journey into the heart of courage, and sacrifice.  This gripping narrative takes viewers on a thrilling ride through the lives of the brave men and women who defy gravity and push the boundaries of human capability.  Here are some compelling reasons why The Blue Angels is a must-see:

Inspirational Storytelling: The Blue Angels captures the essence of perseverance and dedication as it follows the personal and professional challenges faced by the pilots and crew of the renowned squadron.

Aerial Spectacle: Get ready to soar to new heights as The Blue Angels delivers jaw-dropping aerial sequences that will leave you breathless. With stunning cinematography and cutting-edge visual effects, every flight maneuver is brought to life with unparalleled realism and intensity.

Emotional Depth: Beyond the exhilarating flight sequences, The Blue Angels delves into the human stories behind the pilots’ helmets.

Historical Significance: As one of the most iconic aerial demonstration teams in the world, the Blue Angels have a rich history spanning decades.  The Blue Angels pays homage to this legacy while offering audiences a rare glimpse into the rigorous training and precision required to become a member of this elite squadron.

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