An Interview with Mallory Henderson


By Taroue Brooks

Houston native, Mallory Henderson, has been singing since she can remember. She got her first solo in the church choir at age four and the rest was history.

When she decided to start performing in talent shows at age 12, her family didn’t take her seriously, but after the first show, they knew music and performing was going to be a part of her reality for years to come. In high school, Mallory branched out and started working with local artists, which introduced her to industry veteran, Papa Reu, studio sessions, and landed her several features.

Though she recorded her first single at the age of 18, she did not release it and, after a battle with severe depression, she decided to take a more traditional career path. In spite of the negative effects of depression, she completed college with a 3.14 GPA in four years and began building a career as a public relations professional, while advocating for mental health and related services. She soon founded The Premier Benefit & Birthday Bash, a party that celebrates her birthday while raising funds to send minority young adults to therapy.

While struggling to find her way in her post-graduate life, she realized that, though she attempted to leave music behind, it never left her. She had still been performing periodically around town and, though she had no plans of pursuing music at the time, people started asking when her album was being released. Mallory took this as a sign from God that music is her gift and it will not be ignored. 

In 2019, Mallory released her debut single, “1 Hunned,” a fun summer jam that everyone can relate to. You can keep up with Mallory on Instagram and Facebook at @iammallory or by visiting her website:

What about your talent made you realize that you had what it takes to pursue a career in the entertainment industry?– From a very young age, even at points at which I didn’t have confidence in anything else about myself, I knew I could sing. And sometimes I can be quiet or shy, but every time I stepped on a stage I came alive, I felt 100% myself and I was comfortable with it. To this day, when I’m performing, I’m Mallory 2.0. I’m everything I’ve ever wanted to be. That along with my work ethic, business background, and the vision God gave me at four years old, sets the tone. 

How do you perfect/strengthen your craft?-

I’ve always watched and listened to other artists and made sure I can add their abilities to my natural talent. I remember making a cover video when I was in college. I already knew I wasn’t the singer who added a lot of runs when I sang because I couldn’t, but I was okay with that for the most part. When I put the video out, however, I got backlash about not being able to run. So, for years I listened to Beyoncé and Chris Brown, following their runs and teaching myself how to imitate them note by note, until I could easily and without thought run on my own. I do that with everything to make sure I’m pushing myself and always expanding my talent. 
Share your most proud moment and why?- My proudest moment, hands down, was when I released my debut single, “1 Hunned” and it’s visual in 2019. I’ve been through so much personally and professionally that could have taken me out, but instead, it all led me right back to my dream. So, to finally work on my music and my career instead of someone else’s feels amazing. Plus, the support I’ve gotten since the release has been so humbling. 

What entertainers have you look up to and why?-

I grew up on all the classics: Luther, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Toni Braxton, Michael Jackson, Prince, you name it. But, I’ve always looked up to Chris Brown and Beyoncé over anybody else. Chris Brown is just talented beyond measure. Anything he touches is gold when it comes to the arts and I hope to unlock half the creativity he does. Beyoncé is a true business woman and an extremely hard worker. Coming from a business background and being what’s probably a workaholic, I appreciate that and want to expand my business knowledge as my career grows as well. Both of them are just amazing performers. A lot of people don’t actually perform anymore but I, being a dancer and lover of the arts, plan to follow in their footsteps. 

What three goals would you like to accomplish in 2020?-

I plan to release my first EP in March 2020. I also want to perform at SXSW and collaborate with at least one widely known artist. Overall though, the goal is to continue to grow and progress in my music career. Things don’t always happen the way we want them to, but if I can see growth in myself and in numbers It will be a successful year either way. 

Where would you like to see your career in the next three years?-

I would like to be a household name at least with millennials and younger. At that point I would shift focus and cater to a broader audience.

Tell us about your annual fundraiser and how people can support and attend.

In 2016 I founded The Premier Benefit & Birthday Bash (The Premier). It raises funds to send minority young adults to therapy, while opening the mental health conversation within minority communities. The Premier 2020 is the fifth anniversary and I am so excited! It’s currently held in Houston, TX and I’d love to expand in the future. For now, though, tickets, sponsorship, donation, and more information can be found at or by emailing The party can be followed on Instagram and Facebook at thepremierbb. 

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