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By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to write, “Domestic Violence…Not On My Watch”?

As a young boy, I was a silent witness to my mother’s abuse. As a young man, I was frustrated with myself that I was not around to protect my siblings from childhood trauma and domestic abuse. Finally, I open my book with an introduction titled “A Father’s Fury” to describe the emotions I felt when I discovered my own daughter had been affected by domestic abuse. I recognize I have an important duty to become an active driver in the fight to end domestic violence.

What platforms will people be able to purchase your book?

My book can be purchased online at Amazon.com in paperback and also as an e-book.

What have you learned about yourself having written your book?
While working on this project, I have discovered that my life’s call as a leader are even greater than I had originally imagined. My civic and pastoral duties go well beyond the sanctuary and homeless outreach –I also have a tremendous assignment on my life to stand and be a champion for those who need their voices heard.

What kind of impact are you anticipating from people reading your book?
It is my vision that the segmented approach to end domestic violence would end and convergence would begin. It’s time out for victims fighting on one side, doctors fighting in their corner, lawyers fighting in their corner, etc. In the fight to end domestic abuse, we need a global strategy which includes all of humanity taking a pledge to refrain from using abuse as a form of engagement with one another. I expect that after reading my book readers will begin to speak with one universal language – love. I expect that when my readers see abuse happening or about to happen, that they will not turn a blind eye –but instead they will speak up and say something.  #SeeSomethingSaySomething

What can people expect from the new Gospel Tribune?

It’s going to be an amazing resource that speaks to all races, all nationalities, creeds and cultures. We will share the good news! So many excited things for The Gospel Tribune. I can’t spoil the surprises!!

You wear a lot of different hats. What keeps you motivated?

First and foremost, my children motivate me to be the best version of myself. They inspire me to keep challenging myself to grow and be accountable to live the best life possible. Secondly, the second I see someone’s face light up and their life changed by something I have said or done, I am excited to do it all over again and again. Impacting lives is a passion for me!

About the Author

Dr. Tracey R. Harris, is a philanthropist, a licensed & ordained pastor, chaplain, a teacher, preacher, international worship leader, and entrepreneur. He has spent many years in gospel music, studying and working under some of our greatest gospel recording artists and pastors. His electrifying style of teaching praise & worship and developing choirs and praise teams has earned him numerous awards and esteem across the US. In addition to leading the masses in worship, Dr. Harris can be found feeding the homeless faithfully in Atlanta, Ga. His lifelong philanthropic work in community outreach has earned him a Honorary Doctorate in Humanities and recognition by the 44th President of the United States, President Barak Obama. He also received the 2019 “Outstanding Georgia Citizen” Award from Brad Raffensperger, Secretary of State.

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Email for Contact/Bookings: thegospeltribuneatl@me.com

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