From Inglewood to Hollywood: Candace “Supa Star C” Wakefield’s rise as one of the music industry’s most valuable players

Written by: Jessica L. Dupree
Edited by Darlene Aderoju
Photos by: Chasity Rogers 

It’s been three years since 5X Grammy Award Winner and International Performing Artist Candace “Supa Star C” Wakefield released her debut album 1993 Camaro (The Journey). After growing up in the heart of Inglewood, California – west side born and raised, the singer was determined even then not to let anything stop her from pursuing her dreams. She recorded her debut album in her Camaro using Garage Band. 

“Every single day I wrote and recorded in my car out there on the block. My 1993 Camaro in the hood so that was my inspiration to me and also an inspiration to the hood to see me grinding like that. They were always out there supporting me – you know what I’m saying. Telling me I’m going to make it and keep grinding. Some people would sit and watch me record in my car and write. Some of the little kids would ride down the block and watch me as I recorded asking could they sit in. My friends would pull up on me. All of that was so much inspiration to me to keep going and know that I could make it because these people are watching me and rooting me on,” Wakefield tells Heart & Soul. 

Last week, Wakefield released a new sexy single titled “Anything.” Inspired by love, the Grammy Awards winner opens up about her rise to becoming one of Hollywood’s most valuable players. Just about every Iconic artist on the globe has used her as a songwriter, background vocalist, arranger, and composer. From Kendrick Lamar, Ciara, Fantasia, Nicki Minaj, to TLC, Wakefield has worked with them all – the great and the small. 

This past week Wakefield graced Hollywood’s most coveted carpets. From the 5th Annual Culture Creators Awards Brunch to the 2021 Motown Universal BET Awards after-party, Supa Star C is where she belongs as a diamond in the rough of Hollywood. As each layer of her unique talent and craft is revealed, she also reveals in the single parts of her that she never shared before about love, relationships, and her personal life. 
“It’s completely out of the box from what people are used to hearing from me. I love that it has a reggae tone and vibe with the drums and bounce that it gives. But then also the vocals are very sensual, soft, you know sexy. So, I’m excited to have so much… and it makes you want to dance also, Fun. So I can hear it in the clubs, it’s definitely a summer record you know but hopefully, everyone will just spin it all year long, all season long,” Wakefield tells Heart & Soul. 

As one of Hollywood’s most valuable players, Wakefield continues to be a highly sought-after talent both domestically and internationally. But her message transcends music, demonstrating love and inspiring people is what makes her even more valuable because she’s able to fulfill her life’s mission of inspiring fans and listeners around the globe. 

“I want people to be encouraged, I want people to never give up, I want people to stay consistent. You know what I’m saying “I’ve given up many times and I’ve slowed myself down. You know what I’m saying if you keep going you have a bigger shot at getting closer to your destiny. So I just want people to keep going, not to give up, understand that life has ups and downs guess what we can’t get around them,” Wakefield tells Heart & Soul. 

Super Star C released her new single last week and the video just dropped today. Check out the Venmo link here. For more information on Sper Star C, please visit and/or follow her on IG @supastarc

Super Star C released her new single last week and the video just dropped today.

For more information on Sper Star C,
Please visit
Or follow her on IG @supastarc