Singer and Frontline Nurse Jae Morrissa Wants Her Music to Uplift Fans Who ‘Are Afraid’ to ‘Be Themselves’


By Jessica Dupree
Edited by Darlene Aderoju
Photos : Matthew Watson, Lucky Road Photography 

R&B songstress Jae Morrissa opens about how her personal experiences have influenced her music  

Whether it’s performing on stage as a headliner for music events or switching gears and leading health care treatment as a nurse on the frontlines amid the COVID-19 pandemic, R&B songstress Jae’ Morrissa is making an impact on the world both on and offstage. 

The incredible vocalist first wowed fans back in 2019 with the release of her debut single ‘Just My Next Song.” She continued dropping tunes last year, with the 2020 releases of her heartfelt tunes ‘Butterfly’ and ‘AWOL.” Jae’ Morrissa prides herself in being vulnerable about her experiences on each of her tracks, which she sings from the depths of her core. 

Ahead of the new year, the rising star saw a significant increase in her fan base as she rapidly approached 1 million streams on Spotify. Slated to push her success to the next level, Morrissa released her latest single “Nobody Like Me” on Jan. 8. The track has been steadily receiving international and domestic radio airplay, with rotations in major markets including Atlanta’s hit station Power 103.1 FM. 

Nobody Like Me ℗ 2021 J M Music Group

But when the songstress isn’t busy making hits, she is busy working to save lives as a frontline nurse amid the ongoing global health scare. Known as “The Singing Nurse,” she wants her music to encourage medical patients and her longtime fans alike with the hope that they can live their lives to the fullest, authentically and unapologetically. 

“So many people feel like they can’t be themselves because they are afraid they won’t be accepted by others or society,” Jae’ Morrissa tells Heart & Soul

After feeling neglected because she grew up without her dad, the singer began to question the meaning of love and whether she was worthy to receive it. While it appeared as though others around her were receiving unconditional love, she was quietly coping with abandonment issues, which stemmed from her absentee dad. Like many children, the songstress wondered why he chose not to be there — the feelings began to trickle into her other relationships.   

“I felt like I couldn’t receive love from others without feeling like they were going to leave me,” she reveals. 

These days, the artist utilizes her musical talent to bring comfort to those experiencing the same feelings of abandonment she dealt with as a child.   

Whether she’s crooning aloud to her fans or gently consoling her patients as “The Singing Nurse,” Jae’ Morrissa tells Heart & Soul that her purpose and hope is to bring love and peace into every life she touches. At the forefront of her mind, the songstress wants everyone to know they are not alone regardless of their circumstances. 

 “I love to give compliments and I always try to find the beauty in people or something I can pull out of them to make them smile,” she tells Heart & Soul

Jae’ Morrissa sings about her personal life experiences so her fans can feel a connection and relate.  After a broken marriage, the singer says she felt like she was boxed in a cocoon until she worked through her emotions and found love again. Her experience inspired her to release her track “Butterfly.” In it, the singer gave her fans an inside look at her journey. 

In her latest single “Nobody Like Me,” the newly engaged R&B pop artist sings gripping lyrics once more. This time, the song is an empowering redemption love song geared towards individuals working to move on from their past relationships. 

“You’re never gonna find nobody like me,” she begins. “You’ve turned over every single stone you could / But the grass wasn’t green like you thought it would be / Now you’re texting like I knew you would / What you thought was glitter was just gold-plated / What you thought was over-rated.” 

The independent artist is elated about the release of her all-new music video for “Nobody Like Me,” premiering on YouTube on Friday.

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