Who’s Next? Brandon Peters looks to take High Life Entertainment to The Next Level

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By: Kymberly Amara

Brandon Peters has his eye on the prize as he sets his sights on ascending to the top of the music business. With a family history rooted heavily in politics, Peters is prime to position himself as the industry’s go-to owner and label manager. As the CEO of High Life Entertainment, Peters has signed artist Imma, a native of Des Moines, Iowa, whose debut album, I’m Gone Get It, was released in 2020 and is available on all streaming platforms. The album includes songs, Cuban Link and Stressin. Peters is working with the rising talent to further his brand and build his platform by doing more live shows.

Brandon Peters CEO High Life Entertainment

Motivated by seeing what the industry can do to artists, Peters wanted to bring something fresh to the industry, “I’ve seen what the music industry can do to artists, and I’ve always been a person that wanted to be in control and do things the right way.” From financial challenges to artist mismanagement and promotion, Peters believes that his knowledge, background in politics, event planning, and entrepreneurship, along with his penchant to foster a family-oriented environment, can help artists overcome many of the obstacles faced in the industry. Peters also cites trailblazers like Jay-Z and Lil’ Wayne as contributing to his inspiration to create a record label.

The 27-year-old has been grinding for the past two years. With a focus on loyalty, transparency, and honesty, Peters is fortunate, for the time being, to be able to dedicate the majority of his attention to breaking his solo artist. “Getting Imma a bigger platform and being able to create a space for him where he can voice his creativity [and] voice his opinion [is the goal].”

Peters business understanding, loyalty, fresh perspective on the entertainment industry, and what a label should be are sure to attract multi-talented artists. This new outlook is certain to land both him and High Life Entertainment among notable brands such as Roc Nation, Cash Money/Young Money Records, and Bad Boy Records.

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About Brandon Peters

Brandon Peters is a young up-and-coming music executive with a vision focused on doing good business, supporting the artist, trust, and fostering a familial environment, all while putting out great music and great artists. As a young professional and future mogul, he is prime to take the music industry by storm. Brandon knew he wanted to be in the music and entertainment world after joining the band in middle school, where he played the trumpet. Brandon spent most of his childhood in Dallas, Texas, and relocated with his family to Alexandria, Virginia, where he finished high school. His faith, family values, and commitment to building a formidable entity keep Brandon motivated to lead the charge and become both a serial entrepreneur and subject matter expert in all things music and entertainment.

With a strong political background, he has worked on various political campaigns, such as Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, where he’s obtained invaluable skills that helped him spearhead his record label, High Life Entertainment. For the past two years, Brandon has worked to create and establish the label to attract more artists. His current artist, Imma, a native of Des Moines, Iowa is a rising talent whom Brandon is working with to further his brand and build his platform.

Brandon’s business acumen and loyalty coupled with his fresh perspective on the entertainment industry and what a record label should be is sure to attract multi-talented artists that will land him among the likes of Roc Nation, Cash Money/Young Money Records, and Bad Boy Records.”

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