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By Taroue Brooks

A Washington DC veteran, Peters previously served as the Director of Federal Government Affairs for the Entergy Corporation, where he provided strategic advice on issues related to tax finance, cyber security, and retirement pensions.

A longtime political strategist, Peters has political experience working on four U.S, Presidential Campaigns (including former Secretary, U.S. Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton and the successful campaigns of William Jefferson Clinton).  Peters has also held several key positions with the Democratic National Committee.

Peters has a background in government policy with stints at the White House; the U.S. Department of Commerce in the Minority Business Development Agency; and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Policy and International Affairs Office.

As founder and publisher of Powerplay Magazine, Peters produced a highly successful general interest magazine that highlighted African Americans in Arkansas.  Under his leadership, the magazine spawned the creation of the Annual Powerplay Awards event; the Powerplay Lounge and Powerplay TV.

He is a recipient of the Hendrix College Odyssey Award, Alpha Phi Alpha Community Service Award, the Spirit of Rosa Parks Courage Award and was recently inducted into the Delta Sigma Theta “Delta Presents” Hall of Fame.

Tell us about your business and services. 
I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and combining this with my background in politics and business, I started the firm Peter Damon Group. We are a strategic public affairs, business development, digital marketing and event management services firm.  Our firm offers customized consulting in a number of areas including state and federal government affairs, advocacy and coalition building, graphic design and social media, communications, procurement and event management.

What kind of experience should a client expect when working with you?
All of my clients are considered top tier clients and are treated as such. Any client, large or small, that gives our firm the opportunity to service them will know and feel they are our priority.  Our team enjoys what we do, and we want to see each of our clients achieve success. Clients should expect that we will take the time to make sure we understand their goals and help establish expectations.  We will give them honest and straightforward feedback. We will always conduct ourselves professionally and hold client information confidential. 

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
My career path had a number of twists and turns in it.  I took a leap of faith and left law school to volunteer for a Presidential candidate who eventually became President of the United States.  From there I pursued jobs that provided added exposure, growth and experience in areas that I needed to strengthen.  But really it’s like that old saying “success is where preparation meets opportunity” and part of my preparation was being open minded about the possibilities as opportunities presented themselves. all of those things gave me the confidence I needed to start my own business.

Why have you been so involved with politics?
I have always been passionate about politics and I’ve always had it in my blood. The thought of working with policymakers making an impact that can change people’s lives for the better has always been a driving reason for my interest in politics.  

What will it take to get more African Americans to vote?
I’m not an expert in that area, but I think we need to always try and find ways to incorporate technology better; develop targeted messaging that based on age, geographic region, income level, education etc. 

What does your legacy mean to you?
As a Black man, I’m still impacted by some of the sins from the past… but I want to believe that society is changing for the better.Each day is unique and different and I’m trying to build a strong business that shows my kids that there is more to a career than a clearly defined job.  I hope that people see me as someone who uses my experiences to provide positive guidance to my kids; to African Americans; and also to other races and ethnicities that help contribute to that change.

Where would you like to see your business in the next five years?
We plan to be a premier firm with a much-expanded client list while providing the same top-notch service.

Website:  www.peterdamongroup.com

About PDG

The firm is comprised of a diverse team of executives who are former White House and Capitol Hill senior level staffers, experienced communications professionals, former state and federal government officials, seasoned campaign veterans, award winning business development experts, and professional event management consultants.

We understand that our clients come first, and our goal is to build authentic relationships with reliable results for each client.  That’s why we communicate regularly with our clients, paying close attention to their wants and needs to ensure that we meet and adapt to their objectives and expectations throughout the process.

We also know that there are many ways to solve problems or an issue but getting it “right” requires reliability, innovation and team work. Working personally with our clients while drawing upon our teams’ breadth of experience delivers the “right” solution.

At PDG, we believe that personal interaction, diverse experience, and honest communication is the best way to achieve a winning plan of action for our clients.

Whether it’s positioning your business or organization for success, finding the right partner, changing public opinion for a cause or an election or simply hosting a large-scale conference or networking event, let PDG do the work for you.  PDG helps large, medium, and small companies, organizations, associations individual clients fulfill their objectives and reach desired outcomes.

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