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We believe we can end the cycle of poverty one family at a time by investing in educational and economic opportunity initiatives for individuals and families in need. Since 1994, TIS Foundation has provided critical support services and economic empowerment programs to families in crisis in the United States and West Africa. Through our partnership with AFRICAN COMMUNITY BRIDGE FOUNDATION (ACBF) in Africa, TIS has brought purpose and hope to some of the most impoverished and underserved individuals in rural African communities – most especially women, children and youth. In Africa, we are developing a new generation of women entrepreneurs, providing skills training for jobs in emerging industries, and educating deserving children. Since inception, TIS has raised over $4M in cash and material donations to provide critical support services to over 10,000 children and youth every year.
Today, TIS is tackling many of the same issues in high-poverty communities in the United States. Our family and youth-centered initiatives are focused on filling gaps in critical community services necessary to move families from crisis to stability and growth, including community outreach, education, youth development initiatives and workforce development programs. Our goal is to leverage innovative industry partnerships to create seamless pathways to economic opportunity by connecting low-skilled workers to jobs, and offering skills training and entrepreneurship opportunities while addressing their most critical support needs.

On March 18, 2020,  TIS Foundation hosted a community-focused, interfaith “National Call to Action to launch TCI-IVC at the National Press Club aimed at ensuring the health and economic concerns of vulnerable, underserved and high poverty communities are addressed in the U.S. response to coronavirus (COVID-19). As our nation grapples with the enormity of this public health crisis, TIS Foundation is leading a coalition of faith-based institutions, businesses, subject matter experts and community organizations to address the Coronavirus health crisis and its devastating economic impact on the most vulnerable communities. This new is initiative is called TIS Foundation Collaborative Interfaith Initiative: Addressing the National Health and Economic Concerns of Local Vulnerable Communities (TCI-IVC).

TIS Foundation understands that solutions to our collective challenges in communities across the country and globally are best solved through private sector powered Public Private Philanthropic Partnerships (P4 Partnerships). TIS Foundation in collaboration with the interfaith community, businesses and other community-based organizations is asking for all of us to Rise Up America! and support our most at-risk residents, particularly senior citizens, low-income and minority communities, during this national and global crisis.

TIS Foundation has made the following commitments to the members of the interfaith coalition.

  • Provide information to faith organizations to support the safe reopening of their facilities in accordance with state guidelines.
  • Harness the collective voice, capacity and resources of the faith-based community to advocate for COVID-19 recovery funding for distribution to faith organizations in COVID-19 hotspots in minority communities.
  • Underwrite the cost of pursuing grant funding for churches to obtain resources to deliver COVID-19 relift services.
  • Provide strategic solutions to churches to COVID-19 wraparound relief and prevention services in their communities.

Under TCI-IVC, churches and local organizations will serve as touchpoints in the community to be beacons of hope as health, safety and economic challenges such as layoffs, temporary closures and food shortages persist. Understanding that this crisis calls for coordinated efforts between government, business, faith-based and nonprofit organizations, TCI has created a unique model for service and is calling on federal, state and local governments  along with the private sector to help bridge the gap for vulnerable communities impacted by this public health crisis.

TIS Foundation COVID-19 Information:


Helpline: 202-681-9643


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