PULLING AT THE HEART: Faces of COVID-19 Survival and Ongoing Disparities in Diverse Populations Wednesday, May 20 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time

The Association of Black Cardiologists collaborating with Quantum Genomics’ NEW-HOPE Study, incorporating minority inclusivity, presents Late-Breaking Trial success of novel antihypertensive agent
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ABC’s COVID-19 Information & Resource Hub page, features a recently released collection of downloadable community-oriented FAQs meant to inform people about the medical impact of the coronavirus infection as well as to raise awareness and encourage action within diverse populations. 

Association of Black Cardiologists’ Latest News
Association of Black Cardiologists Creates COVID-19 FAQ Community Watch
Association of Black Cardiologists Releases COVID-19 FAQ Watch
KDKA Radio host Lynne Hayes-Freeland interviews ABC President Dr. Michelle Albert on COVID-19 and African Americans
ABC Webinar: “At the Heart of the Matter: Unmasking the Invisibility of COVID-19 in Diverse Populations
ABC and OtherHealth Care Groups Issue Urgent Call for Federal Action to Address Medical Equipment Shortages
Association of Black Cardiologists Endorses Black Maternal Health Momnibus
National Partnership Forms to Take Bold Steps in Hypertension Control

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