VIDEO: Man Shelters 300 Dogs In His Home From Hurricane Delta


An animal lover took the adage that dogs are man’s best friend to a whole new level.

Ricardo Pimentel Cordero housed 300 stray dogs in his own home in Cancun, Mexico, to protect them from Hurricane Delta. He shared videos on Wednesday of his literal dog house, taken from the kennel he runs.

His house is packed full of dogs of every shape and size barking and wagging their tails. He even filmed the dogs inside transport kennels, during which they were “all peaceful.”

“They are all really well-behaved,” he said. “Outside it is raining lightly. From what I have heard, tomorrow the storm will come full force. If anybody has any updates, please let me know.”

The video, shared on Facebook, attracted 102,000 views and over 900 admiring comments from users. Many made donations to cover the dogs’ food expenses.

Ricardo Pimentel poses with the animals he helped during Hurricane Delta (Ricardo Pimentel Cordero/Newsflash)
The animals were kept inside during hurricane in an undated photograph. (Ricardo Pimentel Cordero/Newsflash)

“We have already started the preparation work here in Tierra de Animales, such as cutting branches, securing things that can blow up, walling up windows and doors, filling drums with water, charging batteries of lamps, etc.,” Cordero said on social media. “The most radical thing is that we are going to fill the house with dogs, so there is going to be a poop party.”

Hurricane Delta hit the area with a classification of Category 2 hurricane, meaning it brought dangerous winds between 96 mph and 110 mph, per the National Water Commission.

The dogs inside a structure during Hurricane Delta in an undated photograph. (Ricardo Pimentel Cordero/Newsflash)

The storm caused damage to homes and buildings and knocked out power in some areas near Cancun, but there were no deaths or injuries reported. It is expected to strengthen to a Category 3 hurricane before hitting the Louisiana coast.

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