Georgia Attorney Destiny Bryant Paints A Promising Picture For Alcovy District


By Yvette Caslin

Destiny Bryant has witnessed injustices she wishes to change. A Candidate for District Attorney-Newton and Walton County, Georgia, Destiny has been a community servant for eight years and she is poised to implement true reforms.

Bryant is only Black female candidate to ever run for this seat. She has the experience required to implement the change citizens wish to see.

Among her campaign pledges are:

  • “Redirecting office energy to heavily focus on crimes against victims.”
  • “Addressing mass incarceration and mass probation by eliminating cookie cutter sentences. Individuals should be sentenced fairly based on what they have actually done. Not based on a grid.”
  • “Increasing programs for juveniles and young offenders of non-violent offenses.”
  • “Efficiently running the office so that we are spending time, energy, and money on cases that actually impact our community and public safety.”

Destiny has prosecuted a variety of cases including homicides, complex sexual assaults, human trafficking, and crimes against children and the elderly. She also has appellate experience representing the State before the Court of Appeals of Georgia and the Supreme Court of Georgia.

Outside of the courtroom, Destiny has worked tirelessly with law enforcement agencies including local police departments, the GBI, and FBI to help conduct investigations. She has also worked with law enforcement agencies to develop protocols and strategies to help protect the most vulnerable citizens in our community.

“A key piece of doing this job is working with the community, in the community and addressing community concerns,” Destiny shares. “Anyone watching the news and see what is going on in society right now knows that people want to see a District Attorney responsive to community needs and aggressive about fairness in the justice system.”

Having held a front-row seat, she has plans spearhead community policing programs and create a council to determine alternatives to prosecution. “I am the only candidate who will take things to the next level, listening to the voices in the community and address community concerns at the highest level,” she closes.

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