Rising To The Top- An Interview With College Basketball Star Dana Evans

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By Taroue Brooks

How did you get started playing basketball? 

I started playing in the fourth grade at Banneker Elementary. I grew up watching my father and brothers play basketball. I never picked up a basketball before I tried out for the team and I made it. I’ve loved it ever since. 

What happened that made you realize that your love of basketball guided your desire to play professionally?

In the fifth grade, I started scoring 35 points and 10 steals almost every game. I knew I had a gift from God. I received my first college letter from a D1 “Valpo” in the fifth grade. I was also competing with high school girls in the fifth grade. 

Tell us about your training.
I’m a gym rat and I love working out in the morning and afternoon. I like to rep out and get a lot of shots at night time. I like working on ball handling, game shots and different finishes.

What advice do you have for young girls who have dreams of playing basketball professionally?

Never give up. Don’t cheat the process. The game will give you what you give it. Also, understand it’s always room for improvement. 

What has been the most difficult aspect of playing basketball in college?

Mental. I’ve grown and developed different skills to help challenge and grow my mental. Vanessa is our sports psychologist and she’s helped me a lot from my freshman to senior year. 

What are three goals you would like to accomplish as a basketball player?

NCAA National Championship, WNBA all-star, and win a gold medal on the USA National Team.

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