How To Manifest Your Dream Life This Valentine’s Day


On Feb. 14, couples everywhere will take this holiday as a time to reflect on their relationship and why they chose each other. If you, however, find yourself single this Valentine’s Day, don’t be disappointed. Instead, view this holiday as an opportunity to reflect on yourself and how you can manifest your dream life into a reality. It’s important to make sure that you’re carving out days to devote to making your dreams a reality through manifestation and implementation.

Best-selling author, mentor and founder of Divinity Academy and Magickal Mystic Emme Rain will share hands-on tips on how to manifest your dream-life into a reality this Valentine’s Day.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is the process of turning thoughts into tangible actions. It is how thoughts move from the non-material plane into this material one so we can enjoy them. Manifestation encompasses both the positive and the negative. Everyone is manifesting with every breath and always have been without being aware of the terminology. We are always thinking and feeling and as our heartbeats, we release those thoughts and feelings to the universe to be interpreted and mirrored back to us.

How do I make Valentine’s Day an opportunity to work on my personal development?

The energy of Valentine’s Day is love. The first and best love is self-love, and thus it’s a pivotal day to harness love’s energy and heal any parts of yourself that have gone unappreciated. Take inventory of what’s necessary for your happiness. If anything other than yourself is required for happiness, often this day will highlight those areas in your life. Once you recognize you need others to manifest self-love, coalesce your energy into contentment for who you are alone. After all, you can’t be happy for others until you’re happy for yourself.

What are three tangible things I can do to start making my dream life into a reality?

First, begin your day with meditation and self-awareness. Nothing amazing can happen when you walk outside of your truth. You need to get more intimate with yourself and mediation is a great way to do that. For example, take 5-10 minutes out of your day in a quiet place to reflect and focus on yourself.  

Next, shift your speech and thought patterns. In order to do so, employing affirmations to change the direction of your energy and using mantras to shift the focus of your mind is imperative. 

Lastly, saturate yourself with success. Follow people and make friends who support your goals. These integrations can be small too like, listening to music that aligns with your ideal life and breeds success.

How long should I continue to manifest my dream life?

Manifestation is a lifestyle. Never stop. Once you see that it works, you’ll also see that there is never a need to stop doing the work of manifestation. When you attract your ideal life through manifestation, to keep it, you must keep your vibration in a compatible frequency to maintain everything you’ve manifested. 

A holiday that is typically dedicated to love, what acts of self-love do you recommend for someone taking this holiday as a time for themselves?

It is important to constantly provide yourself with love which can occur in a variety of ways. There is nothing like a warm bath filled with your favorite blend of flowers, oils and botanicals, incense filling the air. Spend time pampering yourself in the same way you would expect a lover too. In some sense, learning how to love and spoil yourself is a prerequisite to having a fulfilling romantic love. There are many things that you can do, such as starting your morning with loving affirmations or getting a massage just make sure that whatever you do is for, from and about building you!

How do you prepare your mind for manifestation?

I like to set my mind for manifestation by utilizing different fragrances and oils. Different scents can align your energy with your goals such as cactus blossom for confidence or red candy for humility. One of my favorite scents is #Boss because it prepares my soul for decadent self-love.  

In your experience, how has manifestation opened opportunities and other possibilities for you?

My entire life is the manifestation of my dreams. I used to dream of being on TV and radio of being trusted, healthy and wealthy. With manifestation, I’ve been able to achieve all of this and more. At a time and each instance you successfully create a new reality for yourself, it empowers you to create another and then another. For me, as each goal is checked off, I find that a new one appears, and it pushes me to grow. It’s drawn love into my life in every form. It’s truly beautiful. 

So, adopt manifestation as a permanent part of your life and live happy, healthy and whole from now on.


Emme Rain is an international bestselling author, keynote speaker, mentor, and mystic with a diverse background in leadership, speaking, training, personal development, healing, publishing, and entrepreneurship. Her results and empowering authenticity have made her a highly sought after expert and leader. Emme’s inspiring, creative approach to business, life, and spirituality has given her opportunities to host television shows on major cable and television networks. FOX KTVE has called her, “one of Louisiana’s foremost experts on mindfulness.” She has also been featured on radio stations and podcasts. Emme’s brand Magickal Mystic has grown its consumer base, which has correlated with the growth in its offerings. For more information about Emme, visit