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Tell us about the most difficult thing you had to overcome. 

The most difficult thing I had to overcome relate to two different topics, the art of letting go and self love. My mother gave me away to my grandmother when I was a teeneager after I endured so much emotional trauma, these events lowered my self esteem and confidence that would follow me into adulthood. I would later lose my grandmother shortly after being kicked out of high school, it was a pivotal moment in my life to let go of others’ projections of who I was to make a decision based on the fleeting light of self love that remained within me. Preserving that light amongst the many storms of life has been the most enduring yet worthwhile challenge that I continue to overcome by letting go and choosing love. 

Most Black boys were desensitized from expressing themselves.  How did you overcome that cultural weight?

By trusting the most high that I will grow through whatever I go through, I walk with no fear even when knowing not everyone has my best interest in mind because I am undefeated by adversity. I let go of the concept of victimization and external villains, I do my best to practice grace and instead of attacking others who attack me I heal the version of me that attracted that experience into my space. 

Tell us about your most proud accomplishment. 

My proudest accomplishment is defining the practice of love for myself instead of relying on what I have been influenced to believe by music and media. The way that I know love is that it is limitless, unconditional, and without bounds in its expression. I define the practice by knowing intimately the object that you are expressing your love, forgiving them for their perceived flaws and remorseful actions against you, and lastly extended grace and support for their growth as well as your own. 

You are educated and served in the military. Where does your true strength reside?

My resiliency is a super power, I was not picked first growing up or even as an adult but my ability to continue and grind past others doubt is the foundation to my strength. My empathy is also a major influence that creates my why, I don’t even wish on my opposition the things I’ve had to overcome not because they deserve but because I know what it feels like. 

What advice would you give a young person whose childhood trauma is their companion?

You are not your trauma. You are not your body. You are not your thoughts. You are not your emotions. You are the eternal light that animates and energizes the actualization of those concepts, making the real you the power source. Know yourself and know your power, be intentional about what you choose to invest your energy into and be accountable for the results. When you do your best you will receive double as a reward even if it takes time to manifest, also know the greater good may not be the most popular decision to make but when you abandon what you know in your heart you cheat yourself out of your highest potential.  

The world can be tough at times. How do you stay motivated?

Meditation + Visualization. Shadow Work. Being around good company that reciprocates my energy and hyperfocusing on 

Tell us about your non-profit.

Diversity Cyber Council is a 501c3 Nonprofit that provides technology workforce readiness programs to residents of the under-served to establish a sustainable and diverse talent pipeline to equitable careers. We are currently exploring partnerships with networks to philanthropic and community organizations that align with our vision to better enable our funding campaign and scale nationwide. 

Tell us about tech is the new trap?

Tech is the New Trap is a social campaign that leverages music, art, and entertainment to reinforce equitable pathways into tech entrepreneurship and tech careers for at-risk youth, people of color, and women. Our goal is to create a lifestyle that allows the under-represented to see themselves becoming a tech practitioner as a viable life pathway while forging equity through community and authenticity. 

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