Artist Ashli Ognelodh


By Staff

What kind of training have you had as an artist?
I am a graduate of Georgia State University where I received my Bachelors degree in art. As an artist, I initially interned with art organizations such as Prizm Art Fair, which eventually led to opportunities of me later serving as the Operations and Logistics manager for Prizm, the Project Coordinator for the Arts Council of Baton Rouge, and Project Manager for Future Fair.
Who is your favorite visual artist and why?
One of my favorite visual artists is Frida Kahlo. I have always loved the rawness and emotional vulnerability in her work. Her work has never been the traditional stance of “pretty”, but it’s always honest. I’ve always appreciated her work and how in many of her stories I see some of my own tragedies and joy.
Tell us about your non-profit organization. 
We are Presence Fest. Presence Fest is a non-profit organization located in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. Our goal is to plan and curate experiences around the city to promote positive, social engagement and provide financial assistance to people and other organizations in need. We use our platform to highlight and promote local businesses, restore communities, and encourage art entrepreneurship. We started Presence Fest with the intent to help the community of Baton Rouge by giving people positive things to do in the city, while using the same proceeds to help those in need.
Tell us about your event.
Our upcoming event is our Presence Fest Event. July 7th and 8th at the Arts Council of Baton Rouge, we are planning our Presence Fest exhibition titled “Presence”.  Presence is an art exhibit and artist performance showcase that will serve to highlight local visual artists and performing artists in the community. Some of the local performing artists will include Taylor Lorell, Darrionne Ellis, Stephen King, and Wizeman Music, as well as local visual artists Chris King and Matthew Barton to name a few.  The event will be a two night event consisting of a private curatorial VIP dinner where patrons will have the opportunity to meet the artists while engaging in conversations with other collectors, gallerists, and business tycoons. The dinner will be curated by private chef extraordinaire Khari. The next day will be an opportunity for the general public to view artwork and listen to musical performances by some of Baton Rouge’s hottest artists.
What can be done to support up and coming artists?
There are so many things that can be done to support artists. One of them being the most obvious, which is to purchase their work and don’t ask for a discount. The other would be to share their work. Instead of telling artists how amazing they are, tell a stranger and encourage that stranger to tell someone about them. Also, share their work on your social platforms and tag them.
What artwork have you parted with that you wish you kept in your collection  and why?
I actually don’t have a piece that I’ve parted with that I wish I kept. As an artist, I recognize that I am a vessel and so when I’m creating I understand that though it started with me, it will be used to heal and help someone else. I understand that my art is very specific to the client and so it never belonged to me and was never mine to keep.

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