An Interview with Entrepreneur Eric Ganison


By Staff

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Well, I would have to say my father. growing up in my household. I saw my father work a regular job for the city  At the wastewater treatment plant. As well as running two different businesses of his own, which was a successful landscaping, business, and bartending business. Understanding at an early age that I could control my own wealth and destiny. Plus seeing my father having the power to call the shots and making the decisions. Was a game changer and very influencing for me. My father always said if a company won’t hire you for a job. Go out create your own job and business. Use the gifts and talents that you’ve been blessed with because they will open doors of opportunity for you. My dad said “It will work if you work it!”

Tell us about your company and services. 

I have several businesses I’ve started.  1. Eric Ganison Photography I’ve been a professional photographer for the past 20 years specializing in celebrity fitness fashion products and interior Photography. 2. Apeel Collection  Apeel Is my clothing brand for men specializing in men’s undergarments, underwear, graphic T-shirts, and swimwear? 3. Property Management we recently got our first tentant moved into our 3 bed room rental home property. 

What kind of experience should a client expect when working with you? 

The type of experience A client would receive when rendering my services would be. I’m very thorough. I like to make sure that I am meeting the needs of all of my client. I asked Many questions to make sure that I am understanding what it is they hired me to deliver and what they expect. My character and demeanor is very laid-back yet in the mindset To execute the job, With professionalism, knowledge and accuracy. And last bringing a fun enjoyable environment. So my client feel comfortable and become very loyal to my services.

Where would you like to see your work published and why?
I would love to continue to see my work being published in more major publications. Book covers album covers, billboards magazine, editorials, as well as in the homes of my everyday consumers, capturing timeless, images of family, portraits or self portraits, etc..

What advice would you give someone who seeks to become an entrepreneur?
The advice I would give the person that wants to go into their own business would be don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be so hard on yourself when you make mistakes or the wrong decisions in your business. These are all learning curves, which help you better your business and continue to mastering your craft. Never feel like you’ve learned too much in your craft. In today’s society technology is forever changing so keep yourself up-to-date information. 

Tell us about your journey in becoming a body builder.

I started my fitness journey with getting serious about my eating habit and my health about seven years ago. I had a serious health scare When my doctor found three small blood clots near my heart . I was always the 5’11” skinny boy throughout my teens and going into my adult years. I got into the gym first because I really wanted to see how far I could condition my body, gain weight and eat healthier.. It became an addiction. I begin to love how my body felt with what I put into my body with healthier foods along with exercise. Having more energy and less fatigue throughout the day.  After 1 or 2 years of being very consistent in the gym and seen great results when I looked in the mirror.  I decided why not enter into doing your very first fitness competition. I won my pro card competing in Beachbody division at my third bodybuilding competition. I plan to compete several more times within this year and next year. 

What does success look like for you? 

What success looks like for me is living my best life full circle mine body spirit, and prosperity. Success for me is running my businesses and with what I do with my services leaving a major impression On clients and in society.

What’s next for Mr. Ganison?

What’s next for me is continually to strongly push all of my brands. For Eric and Photography having that name become worldwide as a photographer.  For Apeel Collection growing that brand and expanding the clothing line into more casual sportswear. For my property management business within the next year to two years, have  five other properties In my portfolio. And  to continue buying more properties.


Eric Ganison

Eric is the founder and lead photographer at Eric Ganison Photography. With over 19 years of experience in the industry, he has a passion for capturing authentic and beautiful moments that tell a story. He specializes in Fashion, Fitness, Commercial, Product, Nudes and has a keen eye for detail.

Eric Ganison was born in the small town of Greenville, MS.  He moved to  Dallas in 1991 where his creative ambitions began in performing arts.   After graduating from high school, Eric Ganison began working for John  Roberts Powers Modeling School as a model instructor for three years.   His agency experience grew after working for Barbizon Modeling School  and DMG Dallas Model Group as a booking agent for several years.  he  left the agency to began his own fashion and promotion institute for 5  years.  Once retiring from his agency in 2000, Eric Ganison began  finding more of a interest being behind the camera.  He then set out to  study the lighting, visualization, composition, and how to interact with  his surroundings.  Along with great deal of training, photography  became his inspiration.

In 2003 Eric Ganison worked as an  in-house photographer with Fossil Inc. for 6 years.  He began shooting  product and fashion for clients such as Fossil, Michael Kors, Dyme Wear  Collection, Raymond Mens Wear, Katera Collection, and Basic Magazine.   In 2007 Eric Ganison became the Leader Photographer for KRAVE Magazine.  Where he has shoot several outstanding covers and clients such as SKIP  CHEATHAM for K104, Actor Darrin Henson,  Dallas Mavericks Player Shawn  Marion,  Award Winning Singing Artist Tonex.  Other celebrities like  Dallas Cowboy Player Chad Hennings,  Denver Nuggets Player Kenyon  Martin, Atlanta Falcons Player Michael Turner, Comedian Finesse Mitchell just to name a few celebrities.

After leaving  the Fossil Company his desire has always been to shoot internationally.   He first made his way to Taiwan where he shot for CanCam and JJ  Magazine.  Then onto Paris, France to shot for mens wear line Reymond,   Banana Models and Madison Models.  Now back in Dallas, TX where he  originally resides, Eric Ganison is still making strong connections with  clients worldwide and planning more trips to spread his passion in  photography.

In 2009 Eric Ganison opened the first all male  management in the state of Texas named “Men’s Board Management”  Mens  Board Management is a licensed agency TALAGY0544.  Eric and The Mens  Board Management brought a wealth of fashion savvy and experience  to anticipate trends in fashion. Now having a full plate as a full time photographer.  Eric Ganison plans to continue his success and  journey to the top of the photography and fashion industry.

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