2023 Aston Martin DBX707: Supreme Clientele

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Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins,

Bred from a historic 110-year history while carrying out extraordinary exploits on the road and track, the precision engineering and mechanical achievements of the ultra-luxurious 2023 Aston Martin DBX707 SUV allow it to achieve unimaginable feats any owner would be proud of. The uniquely seductive performer races from 0-60 mph in just 3.1 seconds and packs 707 metric British stallions within its Mercedes-AMG sourced 4-liter Twin Turbo V8 engine, which is then paired with a high-performing and faster shifting AMG 9-speed wet clutch automatic transmission.

An Aston Martin is the consummate vehicle for gratifying your soul with pure driving bliss after a day of business or entertaining clients. They are intriguingly attractive, extraordinarily comforting, and command auditory attention when they roll by with exhaust fully open. Specifically, the DBX707 has injected new energy and dynamism into Aston Martin’s business model and immediately increased the brand’s panache in a world that includes Lamborghini’s Urus and now BMW’s XM. It has also become the Official FIA Medical Car of Formula 1 and dons the familiar Aston Martin Racing Green color scheme on Grand Prix circuits.

With a top speed of 193 mph from 663 lb-ft of torque and AWD, the DBX 707 is upgraded from the standard DBX in every facet, from its high-performance braking and triple chamber air suspension to the engine and transmission. However, with a complete price tag of $292,586 ($236,000 MSRP), this particular gem is set aside for supreme clientele such as Rick Ross, Drake, and Chrisette Michele, who performed the hit song Aston Martin Music which featured a bevy of AM’s supercars in the video.

“With this exceptional new model, we have truly unlocked the performance potential within the DBX to create a world-beating high-performance SUV,” stated Aston Martin’s Head of Powertrain, Ralph Illenberger. The huge gains we have found in both power and torque demonstrate not only the inherent prowess of the 4-liter biturbo V8, but Aston Martin’s appetite and ability for finding uncompromising engineering solutions. The combination of this magnificent engine with a new 9-speed ‘wet-clutch’ transmission sits at the heart of DBX707’s formidable capabilities and unforgettable character.”

My DBX707 experience was as visceral as possible and allowed me to see through the spectrum of an Aston Martin proprietor. Performance parameters are impeccable and the grit of their personas is timeless, spearheading the British automaker to highlight the technologies and designs needed to inspire greatness continuously. During my week-long test drive with an Apex Grey DBX707, I was astounded by its superior takeoffs and pinpoint 6-piston caliper-stopping capabilities. But unless a race circuit is close by then, you only need to feel its capabilities a few times unless points deducted from your driver’s license is the goal. A road trip from Washington, DC to Philadelphia left my highway spectators in awe even when I drove slowly to witness the SUV’s sportscar characteristics and beauty.

Aston Martins are defined by graceful lines and glorious curves that paint spellbinding silhouettes, so I believe I spent more time gazing at the sports car SUV in various settings, from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to shopping for a dignified timepiece at Panerai King of Prussia than I did driving. Aesthetically, the stately SUV is enhanced with staggered 23″ Forged Textured Black rims, carbon-ceramic brakes (yellow), a larger satin chrome grille (my vehicle came with the Dark finish option), DRLs, LED headlights, and air intakes, an aggressive Gloss Black front splitter, louvered bonnet blades, Gloss Black side sills, a tailgate spoiler, quad circular exhaust tips in Satin Black, and a considerably amplified Gloss Black twin rear diffuser.

Additional design cues within the cockpit that coincide with the DBX707’s performance accolades include a Q Titanium Grey and Q Electron Yellow décor backed by 16-way carbon fiber racing chairs, elongated carbon fiber paddle shifters, panoramic full-length glass roof, and a Twill Carbon Fiber with Dark Chrome jewelry package. Finally, the push button starter is aligned with the push button gear controls embedded within the center stack, while a 10” navigation system (not touchscreen) houses your multimedia functionalities. Instead, the DBX707 uses a dial and mouse touchpad for controlling the unit.

As the purveyor of opulent sports cars and now SUVs, the British automaker from the parish of Gaydon in Warwickshire, England continues to exemplify intellectual strategies required for inherently orchestrating vehicles with unmitigated performance, idyllic and urbane cabins, breathtaking silhouettes, and traits equating to valor and reverence.  




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