Lisa Comfort CEO of Beautie Essentials, LLC Beauty Supply


By Staff

Tell us about your company and products.

Beautie Essentials, LLC is a retail beauty supply store located in the heart of Washington, DC in the Petworth community of Ward 4. Beautie Essentials, LLC primary customers are African American

however, we will meet the needs of all residents in the community by diversifying our product mix. 

Beautie Essentials, LLC will focus on creating a one-stop, full-service shopping experience for the consumer market in Washington with products and equipment from various lines, available as maintenance products for consumer sales to men, women and children.

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

I became an entrepreneur because something was nagging at me within. Daily, I craved for more and wanted to have the experience of owning a business that I was passionate about. The nagging consumed me so much that I began to not want to look at myself in the mirror because I was not living my true passion and exploring my hopes and dreams.  

What has been the most challenging aspect of entrepreneurship?

The most challenging aspect of entrepreneurship is the balancing act of day-to-day life.

As a native Washingtonian, there are many neighborhoods that you could have chosen to have your store. How did you know the best location for your store? 

I had to do a ton of research, read books and asked lots of questions to learn I needed to be in a high traffic area with lots of foot traffic and a community with a need.

What does success look like to you.

On the surface, to be financially secure. However, it is important to meet the needs of the community, build a legacy for my children, family, and community. Change the lives of people that shop with Beautie Essentials. 

What was the determining factor in selecting the products that you would provide for the customers?

Some of the determining factors were what I use, black own brands, what the community demanded, what is popular and what is available to me.

How does one really know which products works best for their body?

You really don’t know until you try. Most customers come into BE! and ask for a recommendation. Almost all the customers come and know the desired outcome but do not know which product to purchase to obtain their goal. We at BE! are able to help them with that choice. However, it is still trial and error. Women spend lots of money on product attempting to nail “the look”. 

What kind of experience should your customers expect when coming to your store?

When you walk in the door, it smells good. It is a clean environment. It is light and bright and very relaxing to come and shop. Our customer service is second to none and the ladies of BE! are very helpful and knowledgeable of the products that we carry. We open/close doors for our customers and bring their bags to them around the counter. BE! provides a very warm and kind experience.

Beauty is BIG business and competitive. How are you staying motivated. 

I stay motivated by praying several times a day, I listen to at least one sermon a day, either my Pastor, Howard John Wesley or Keion Henderson and motivation from God to their mouths to my ears/heart, I am usually on fire and ready for the world. 

As a single mom of two adult children, tell us how they have reacted to this new journey of entrepreneurship.

My young adults have been very supported of my journey becoming an entrepreneur. They have offered me advice as both are my confidants as they help with decision making, heavy lifting, putting the store together, planning and forecasting and maintaining my business. They are instrumental and I can’t do it without their input.

Who would be the ideal customer?

The idea customer for BE! would be one who uses shampoo, conditioner, soap, comb, brush, hair for braiding, wigs, beard cleanser, body oils, waste beads-I think that includes everyone, any nationality. And, if BE! does not have a product we will attempt to order for our customers.  

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