Nigel Graham CEO DMV Healthy Insurance LLC


By Staff

Tell us about your company.

  • DMV Healthy Insurance LLC, founded by Nigel Graham in 2014, is an insurance brokerage firm based in Largo, Maryland. The company’s mission is to assist individuals, families, and small businesses in finding insurance plans that align with their unique needs.
  • Nigel’s commitment to integrity, knowledge, and personalized service ensures that clients receive tailored insurance solutions. DMV Healthy Insurance operates both locally and nationally, providing a physical location for clients while maintaining accessibility across the country.

Why is insurance so important?

  • Insurance plays a crucial role in safeguarding financial stability and peace of mind. It provides protection against unexpected events, such as accidents, illnesses, or natural disasters.
  • Health insurance, in particular, covers medical expenses, preventive care, and prescription drugs. Without insurance, individuals risk significant financial strain due to healthcare costs.

What do you tell someone who feels they can’t afford insurance?

  • For those who feel they can’t afford insurance, Nigel Graham emphasizes the importance of exploring options. He advises:
    • Research available plans and compare costs.
    • Consider government programs (e.g., Medicaid) or employer-sponsored coverage.
    • Consult with an insurance broker to find affordable solutions tailored to individual circumstances.

For 10 years, you have serviced the DMV area. How does it feel to be a fixture in the community where you have impact?

  • Serving the DMV area for a decade, Nigel Graham feels proud to be a fixture in the community. His impact extends beyond insurance; he actively engages in conversations about family well-being and financial literacy.
  • Being part of the community allows him to witness positive changes firsthand and build lasting relationships with clients.

How would someone know the best terms for their insurance?

  • To find the best insurance terms:
    • Understand personal needs (e.g., health conditions, family size, budget).
    • Consult with an experienced broker like Nigel Graham.
    • Evaluate coverage options, deductibles, and premiums.

What are some benefits for small businesses?

  • Small businesses benefit from insurance in several ways:
    • Attracting and retaining employees by offering health coverage.
    • Protecting the business against liability claims.
    • Ensuring continuity during unexpected events (e.g., disability or loss of key personnel).

What does success look like for you?

  • For Nigel Graham, success lies in:
    • Empowering clients with knowledge about insurance.
    • Building trust and long-term relationships.
    • Contributing positively to the community.

How have you incorporated technology to service your clients?

  • DMV Healthy Insurance leverages technology to enhance client service:
    • Online portals for policy management.
    • Virtual consultations and streamlined communication.
    • Access to educational resources via digital platforms.

Nigel Graham’s dedication to education, community impact, and personalized service underscores DMV Healthy Insurance’s commitment to its clients and the community .

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