Nia Nicholee – Owner of Brown Gods Beauty Products


By Taroue Brooks

Tell us about your company.

Brown Gods Beauty is an all natural Skin/self care company that specializes in creating healing products for common issues that women experience. We have a collection called “Gods Skin” that launched in March. This collection helps with gaining and maintaining that natural Gods given glow.

Share details about your products. 
“Gods Skin is our debut collection. We launched it in March and the collection consists of a 3 step skin system. Glow Wash (cleanser), ” Gold” the serum (moisturizer), and Glow Spray (hydrate), these products are made with all natural healing herbs, roots and oils. Glow Wash has activated charcoal and neem oil to help with removing unwanted toxins from your skin and aids in acne breakouts. “Gold” the serum is an infusion of Baobab and Coconut oil, this infusion includes natural ingredients like turmeric root which helps with even complexion and hyperpigmentation, and Moringa Leaf for increased collagen production. And, lastly Glow spray is just our all natural hydrating agent that consists of Rose water and an all natural moisturizer. Our products are exclusively made in Ghana by a lab of women who grow and cultivate all the ingredients you find in all Brown Gods Beauty Products. 

Brown Gods products

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? 
Being a caregiver most of my life I had to always improvise when it came to making money. I have had very great jobs that taught me alot. But, I’ve also always been a free spirit and a creator so Entrepreneurship was always fascinating to me because of the creations and innovation of new and exciting businesses. With also the freedom you feel when you’re building a business of your own. 

What have you found to be the most challenging aspect of having your own business? 
Good Question, I really believe that “team work makes the dream work”. I think that if you wanna go fast go alone, but if you wanna go far go with a team.  Unfortunately, I find that most times building your team is the hardest thing to do. Finding like minded people and bringing all their talents together to help build up this business. I’m slowly working on building my team of people who believe in me and the vision of the business. Finding Trustworthy people who are talented and self driven. That has been the most difficult task for me so I just avoid it and do everything myself. 

What does success look like to you? 
Success to me is measured on how many people I impact positively. It’s to me by the end of this whole thing how many people have you made a difference in their lives. Being a healer I find reward in just helping and being able to give to those who are in need of it. 

What keeps you motivated in such a competitive industry? 
My motivation comes from the need that I know I can fill. We need more healers on the forefront for obvious reasons. I believe what I offer there’s a dire need for especially now with so much going on in the world. 

Where would you like to see your career in the next five years? 
Well, Brown Gods Beauty will be launching new healing collections that range from Skin care to Self care Products. My hope is that we are able to get our healing and rejuvenation Spa opened for the public within that time. And, just continue doing the work that allows us to be a change we want to see in the world. Imagine a world of healed people, mentally, physically, Spiritually, and emotionally. 

Meet the Maker

Nia Nicholee is the precise combination of passion and devotion to being the change she wants to see in this world, allowing her many opportunities to transform lives. She is a certified life coach, growing businesswoman, and devoted mother. Her years as a model and adoration for natural beauty pushed her to create solutions to enable people to be more natural in a few ways. She is determined to build more awareness in her community around natural and holistic health. Growing up, she watched sickness wreck her mother’s body, which led to her forming a love for healing and rehabilitation. Nia has been able to help the community around holistic health by providing a safe haven for them. The connection to improving other people’s lives is constantly being enhanced through serving daily as a practitioner, education, and her businesses. As the owner of Brown Gods that she created in 2019, she curates products that naturally enhance and improve the body. Currently, there is a line of hand-crafted skincare products created in Ghana. Nia also has a thriving business that offers brow and eyelash services for women. 

The future will bring more research and products to continue to show women, in particular, the power in their natural and authentic selves. Today’s world presents so many distractions and chances to not feel as powerful in your natural state, but Nia has created tools and resources to rebuild and increase self-love for women around the world. She has plans to have a holistic spa that would also house accentuated modern beauty enhancement options. The wellness and beauty industries have a gem in Nia Nicholee, and the world is more naturally beautiful because of her unique gifts. 

Nia Nicholee

Behind The Brand 

Brown Gods was curated in 2019 in New Jersey to heal, enhance, and guide customers to feeling better naturally, without any harmful additives or ingredients. The all-natural products currently consist of our 3-step skin system “Gods Skin” Kit. This system contains the Glow Wash, “Gold” serum, and Glow Spray. The products aid with bringing back the natural glow to your skin. They contain natural ingredients like neem oil and activated charcoal. These exceptional products are proudly made in Ghana by an amazing team of women who operate an all-women developing lab. Brown Gods is for all melanated hues and skin types, representing what the world needs more of, well cared for darker skin. It is time to elevate, radiate, and shine a little differently with Brown Gods’ specially formulated healing products.

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