An Interview with Christopher Featherston

Born in Jacksonville North Carolina, Christopher Featherston has been writing stories since a child, and his skills have matured through short stories, poetry, spoken word, and quotes. His debut book, “Lines to Connect the Dots: Quotes for Clarity,” is the culmination of all of these. Chris has a Bachelors in Computer Science from Old Dominion University. He is a published model, nationally televised actor, and most importantly, a loving father of 2 beautiful girls. Currently based out of Virginia Beach, Chris works as a Cyber Security Analyst and spends most of his free time writing, working out, and playing with his children. He is a lifelong anime fan and psyche nerd devoted to his faith and family.
What’s inspired you to become an author?
I’ve been writing my entire life. From a child I’d write short story picture books, as a teenager I’d write poetry, as a young man I did some spoken word. As an adult I am still writing and have a lot of material. So not wanted it to go to waste and wanting to share my messages with the world is what inspired me to become an author.
Tell us about your book. 
My book is like a coffee table self help piece. It’s an easy read but it’s super heavy in substance and get straight to the point. The title is fitting as the content is made of quotes to fill the gaps you may encounter naturally through life.
Tell us about your role as a father.
My role as father isn’t necessary, it’s vital. They’re vital because 2 parent households are vital. Fathers are the filters, as the leaders or first lines of defense. We’re supposed to provide structure and security to the entire family unit and I take that role very seriously to my 2 girls Kennedy and Kassidy.
What does success look like for you?
Success looks like peace and quiet. More specifically peace and quiet of the mind. When you can truly get to a place where the worry and stresses aren’t as loud, you’re succeeding in life however that may look

What keeps you motivated?
Nothing, motivation is a fleeting feeling. Consistency is my aim and it’s something I choose everyday. Because I want to be the best me I can be for myself and my family.
What can Black men do to enhance our presence? 
Go home and love our families by providing security and structure. The most important black owned business is the black family and once we truly take ownership and pride of that business as a whole, our presence will be felt. As that’ll strengthen community and ripple forward from there.

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