An Interview with Marc Lacy


By Taroue Brooks

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What has your experience been like as an entrepreneur?

My experience as an entrepreneur has been a mixture of happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, disgust, and fear.  But at the same time, it has been a big blessing.  I chalk up every phase of my career as part of the necessary process to evolve.  

How did you begin your journey as a writer?

When I was in grade school, whenever there was a creative writing assignment, it came relatively easy to me and I found myself really enjoying it.  When I think about it, I know I was really blessed growing up in a household where my mother was an educator and my father a logistician. In essence, there was a lot of reading and writing going on.  I’m thankful that I had a firm foundation.  Throughout high school and college, I wrote poetry for special occasions and performed it from time to time.  However, I did not discover my platform until many years after I graduated from college.  I eventually got published and my literary career began in poetry and spoken word with books and cds.  I travelled the country performing at symposiums, author showcases, conferences, and spoken word shows.  I was also blessed to emcee/host several events as well as work in a keynote speaking capacity.  Eventually I began writing in other genres like fiction short stories and thrillers, as well as blogging, and freelance article publications.  

What has been your most memorable response from your book?

A young man saw my titles at an expo, and he was so impressed with the material, that he bought all of my books and had them sent to prison where his brother was serving a life sentence.  He stated that he wanted to lift his brother’s spirits and allow him to see literary creations from current African-American authors.

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Tell us about your books and where can people purchase your books.  

I’ve published five books, with a 6th on deck.  Of which two are poetry (The Looking Heart and Rock & Fire), one is a fiction short story book (Wretched Saints), and the other two are book one and two of a trilogy (Curse of the Whiskey House and Viral Exgressions of the Whiskey House Trilogy). In addition to the publications, I’ve produced six spoken word cds and motivational lecture series (Fly High, Fly Long, Fly Fast).  All of my material can be either purchased via or in all formats.  The audio recordings are available via iTunes as well.  

What advise would you give someone younger who wants to become an author?

Always focus on becoming a better writer on the daily no matter what.  Establish yourself a platform, keep the faith, create a process, and use the power of consistency to your advantage.  Not only learn the craft of writing; but learn the business side as well. 

Tell us about your speaking series.

My lecture series (CD) is called Fly High, Fly Long, Fly Fast which is my motto:
Fly High – Always reach for the stars 
Fly Long – Be as consistent as possible Fly Fast – Take your time; but don’t take forever

Whenever I do a workshop (whether it’s concerning motivation, branding, or writing), I always acknowledge my motto as well as the mantra of: Faith, process, and consistency.

Who are you when nobody else is around?

I’m pretty much the same person I am when folks are around…that is, very assertive; but in a laidback and humble fashion, creative and technical simultaneously, full of flaws; but always upbeat, thankful, and ready to tackle the next phase of my journey.   

What would you like for your legacy to be?

I would like for my legacy to be that through God, I consistently gave my all in an effort to help family, self and my community, under all circumstances and conditions.

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Marc Lacy is a Huntsville, AL native, and a proud graduate of Alabama A&M University with a dual BS degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Mechanical Design.  While on the hill, he was a starter on the Bulldogs Men’s Basketball team as well as a member of Tau Alpha Pi Engineering Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, and Sigma Tau Epsilon Professional Fraternity, Inc.  Marc was on the Dean’s List for several consecutive semesters, an Academic All-American, and voted the Outstanding Scholar for the School of Engineering and Technology during his senior year.  College was a very busy period in Lacy’s life as he became a member of the National Society of Black Engineers and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. during his matriculation. 

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By day, Marc works in the realm of emergency management and continuity of operations.  By night, Lacy is a true renaissance man as he is a nationally renowned, award winning Speaker, Writer, and Producer for AVO Publishing, LLC, as well as a Disc-Jockey for AVO Communications, Inc.  He has performed all over the country at many national literary events and spoken word venues.  Marc is also a reputable fiction writer as well as a blogger for the Marc Lacy Speaker, Writer, & Producer Fan Page on Facebook.  Additionally, Lacy is a columnist for  Along with writing and performance, Marc utilizes his wordsmith talent and poetic flair as he facilitates lectures, conducts workshops, and delivers motivational speeches concerning writing, communication, self-development, and branding.  Lacy credits his faith in God and love of family for providing energy he needs to succeed. 


• Feature Author @ National Bookclub Conference 2011/2015/2017/2019
• Feature Author @ National Black Book Expo 2012
• Poet of The Year African Americans on the Move Book Club (AAMBC) 2010/2011/2014
• Poet of The Year National Poetry Awards 2012
• Nominated (along with Nikki Giovanni) for 2007 “Poet of the Year Award” for the book Rock and Fire (Open Book Awards)
• Distinguished Alum Award for S.R. Butler High School 2007
• Poet of The Year – Memphis Black Writer’s Conference 2006
• Poet of The Year – C&B Books Distributors 2006
• Poet of The Year – Aspicomm 2006
• Poet of The Year – 2006


• Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated – Delta Theta Lambda Chapter

• ArtNSoul Society of Expression

• Church Street Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America
• Divine Literary Tour
• Love, Literature Tour
• Cast Member – The Men’s Room Webseries

• Poets and Writer’s, Inc.
• Huntsville Literary Association
• Academy of American Poets
• American Writer’s and Artists, Incorporated

• Marc Lacy & Friends – Spoken Word Authority

• AVOCrew Entertainment

• C&C Network Train Professional Consultants


• “Scottsboro 86” – (Documentary, July 2018)

• “Viral XGressions” – (Novel, June 2018)

• “Fly High, Fly Long, Fly Fast” – (Lecture Series, August 2016)

• “Untitled” – (Spoken Word Cd, August 2016)

• “Curse of the Whiskey House” – (Novel March 2015)

• “The Duets – Pillow Talk in the Heat of the Night” – (Anthology, Peace in the Storm Publishing, September 2013)

• “Tryin’ to be a Spoken Word Artist” – (Spoken Word CD, August 2013)

• “Welcome to Huntsville” – (Promotional Video, December 2012)

• “Narcoleptic” – (Spoken Word CD, January 2011)

• “Wretched Saints” – (Spiritual Short Stories, January 2010)

• “LyriCode 256” – (Spoken Word CD, June 2009)

• “Soul of a Man” – (Anthology, Peace in the Storm Publishing, August 2008)

• “RTIQLation” – Spoken Essence of Music (Spoken Word CD, August 2008)

• “Rock and Fire” – Love Poetry from the Core (May 2007)

• “The Looking Heart” – Poetic Expressions from Within (September 2004)

• “REFlux” – Poetic Spirit and Spoken Soul (Spoken Word CD, September 2004