Usher’s New Look Encourages Legacy Building, Leadership and Innovation. Virtual Event from July 21 to July 22


By Taroue Brooks

Usher’s New Look 2021 Disruptivator Summit titled “Next Gen Loading” is a two-day, virtual event from July 21 to July 22. According to organizers, UNL’s signature event, the Disruptivator Summit, is a significant element of the foundation’s programs. During this virtual gathering, hundreds of students, parents, educators and like-minded individuals proactively address the needs of young people by helping them achieve their goals.

“In his Executive Order on Supporting the Reopening and Continuing Operation of Schools and Early Childhood Education Providers, President Biden expressed our nation’s commitment to students across the country: ‘Every student in America deserves a high-quality education in a safe environment.’,” says Careshia Moore, Esq., President and CEO of Usher’s New Look. “Yet, this promise of a safe, high-quality education is out of reach for many students long before the COVID-19 pandemic and could slip further away if we do not act collectively and with attention to equal opportunity for all students. Usher’s New Look is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for students to learn and to achieve their goals. Our 2021 Disruptivator Summit is quite literally a creative gathering of forward-thinking youth leaders. While different this year, as it will be virtual, the 2021 Disruptivator Summit will be even more impactful given the tremendous line-up of activities, speakers and dynamics we are bringing to bear.”

Usher’s New Look was founded in 1999 by musical performer Usher Raymond IV as a young man barely out of his teens. In its 22-year history, UNL has touched the lives of young people of all backgrounds from more than 25 countries. It has served more than 50,000 young people and has galvanized a movement towards positive change in how young people of color perceive themselves and the world around them. While UNL’s programming year consists of regional events such as its Leadership Academy, Disruptivator Clubs at high schools across the country and Financial Literacy workshops, the Disruptivator Summit is where UNL has the opportunity to dedicate two solid days to working with the attending students, parents, educators and sponsors.

Throughout the year, UNL addresses critical issues facing young people, ranging from mental health, fiscal responsibility, professional development and access to technology, mentorship and opportunities for educational advancement and, buzz-word, employment.

Moore closes, “Usher’s New Look is committed to championing young people and to demonstrating how we can all take action to make a difference. The Disruptivator Conference is our signature event and together with our ongoing programs throughout the year, are designed to develop underserved youth into passion-driven leaders.”

The Disruptivator Summit will feature a high-energy youth performance, the annual Disruptivators Ball, a Youth Social in the evening with TikTok challenges, karaoke, scavenger hunt and musical performances, interactive group workshops and conclude with a Keynote Conversation focusing on Legacy Building and the Power of YOUth. Speakers will elaborate on the definition and process of legacy-building while encouraging students to recognize their leadership skills, use their voices, embrace the power of innovation and thrive.

On a mission to turn potential into purpose

Usher’s New Look is a non-profit organization that transforms the lives of under-resourced youth through comprehensive programming which develops passion-driven, global leaders from middle school through college. We are determined to enable young people to discover their spark, graduate from high school, achieve higher education and training, build careers, and be of service to their communities. Our work helps youth future-proof their lives from negative statistics to become leaders who change their world.

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