Teachers Fest 2021 Virtual Event for Educators K-12

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By Taroue Brooks

Tell us about the Teacher’s Festival?

Teachers Fest is for EDUCATORS ONLY: K-12 Teachers, professors, paraeducators, and retired educators. During Teachers Fest 2021, educators will meet safely online to celebrate their hard work & dedication during our virtual extravaganza. 

Teachers Fest aims to: engage, empower, & celebrate. We celebrate the hard work of educators. Attendees will enjoy special treatment, prizes, giveaways, appearances from too many celebrity guests to list, & a variety of activities.

Why did you create the festival?

I am a 3rd generation educator with over 27 years of experience in education as a grade school teacher, professor, and school psychologist.  I recognized the need to celebrate teachers and for them to come together annually for self-care. I gathered a support team made up of a wide range of conference and program advisors. The organizers are among the most experienced people from distinguished organizations including K-12 schools, colleges, universities, online programs, teacher unions and throughout the field of education. 

What would you like to accomplish by hosting the Teacher’s Festival?

Teachers Festival aims to: engage, empower, & celebrate. We celebrate the hard work of educators. Attendees will enjoy special treatment, giveaways, appearances from celebrity guests & a variety of activities.

We will demonstrate to educators across the world they are appreciated. As we gather registrants annually to allow us to celebrate their hard work, we home to boost morale and increase retention of a very important position in our society. 

Share details about the prizes that are being gifted.

The education registrants are eligible to receive discount codes, items and perks until the end of 2021 if they grant us permission to share their information with our sponsors.  

During the event, we announce education registrants who have won through a random drawing:

$1000 cash prize

Kendra Scott Jewelry

A hotel stay in Washington, DC during Teachers Fest 2022

Refurbished Laptop Computers


Teachers Fest Paraphernalia 

Celebrity Makeovers

Hair Cuttery Gift Cards

DC Area business Gift Cards

Discount codes from sponsors

How do you feel that the pandemic will change the perception of teachers?

The pandemic has decreased morale, added stress to an already stressful career, imposed more time to prepare for classes, infringed on their personal life, and caused reconsideration of their career path. 

How can people support the festival?

People can support the festival in several ways. A few of those options are: 

-spread the word

-purchase a ticket for us to provide an education student or retired educator who enters the festival for free

-purchase a ticket to the event as a spectator to cheer on the educators

-share the event on their social media

– follow us on social media

– contribute items to share with education registrants (cash, gift cards, new vehicle, new clothing, beauty services, products and other self-care items

Where would you like to see the festival in the next five years?

The vision is for the festival to grow in the number of attendees each year by the thousands and for the festival to become a household name. In 5 years, we would like to see all registrants begin receiving perks weekly after attending and the grand cash prize will increase from this year’s $1000 to $5000 to a lucky registrant. 

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