Black Books in the Age of Coronavirus: A Community Conversation

By Black Classic Press

On March 22 an unprecedented event occurred. Over 200 people participated in a video call to discuss the health of the Black Book Ecosystem in the Age of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The call was the first of many nationwide conversations that will focus on Black books. Those on the call included publishers, authors, librarians,readers, community organizers, booksellers, and book distributors. Attendees shared how they were dealing with “stay at home” and social-distancing mandates. The conversation sparked ideas for some and created new relationships for others.
Led by W. Paul Coates from Black Classic Press and Katura Hudson from Just Us Books, the panel also included:
Troy Johnson(AALBC)
Shirikiana Gerima(Sankofa Books)
James Fugate(Eso Wan Books)
Cheryl Willis-Hudson(Just Us Books)
Kassahun Checole(Red Sea Press)

The Chat from the call can be found here.
Additionally, a Facebook Group: The Black Book Community for writers, editors, librarians, educators, publishers, distributors, book sellers, community organizations and readers has been established as an on-going conversation space.


Black Books in the Age of the Coronavirus is the first of several conversations designed to support and uplift the Black Book Ecosystem.… This historic conversation took place, online, on March 22, from 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. and was led by; Paul Coates (Black Classic Press, Baltimore, MD); Kassahun Checole (African World Press, Trenton, NJ); James Fugate (Eso Won Books, Los Angeles, CA); Shirikiana Germina (Sankofa Video and Books Washington, DC); Cheryl Hudson (Just Us Books, West Orange, NJ; and Troy Johnson (, Tampa, FL)