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By Taroue Brooks

Why was Nuber-T created?

nuber-T was created as a lifestyle company to help men live happier and healthier lives. Men have traditionally been reactive when it comes to their health and wellness. We have created a facility to educate men on a proactive approach to living a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.

Tell us about your services
We are a board certified medical facility for men and men only. We customize services for each and everyone of our MENBERS to help them enhance:
Sex Drive

Our process starts with our initial consultation which is called our “Wellness Combine”. During this process we collect information about our patients’ biological make up through a 16 panel lab draw, a thorough body composition analysis, and also a very elaborate educational consultation with our medical staff. Our MENBERS also receive a “Wellness Rating” or “Bio Wellness Age”. This rating informs us of how quality aged our MENBERS are. Once this process is complete, the customer who is now our MENBER will receive their medical grade performance enhancements to help them reach their goals. This will also include an exercise, lifestyle and diet plan with ongoing wellness coaching.

Who would be an ideal client and why?

Any man over 30.  As men our bodies change as we age. We go through a process called andropause (male menopause). This process can start as early as 28 years old. We as men can lose 1-5% of our natural production of testosterone. This affects our energy, focus, sex drive, body composition and more.

What makes Nuber-T so unique?

Our process is like no others in the wellness space. We’re one of the only facilities that focuses only on men. We also offer our MENBERS a high end stellar customer focused experience. Our MENBERS like nice experiences. A doctor’s visit should also meet those expectations.

How have you had to adjust during Covid-19?

Believe it or not we have thrived during the pandemic. COVID-19 put awareness of health and wellness to the forefront for men. Most mens  natural reactive approach to health and wellness has transitioned to a proactive approach. Men not only want to live. They want to thrive.In regards to operations we follow the rules and regulations that are recommended by the CDC. 

What example can you share regarding a success story with a client reaching their goals?

Well to start we can take a look at our 70+ 5 star google reviews. We are proud of our MENBERS results and we love to celebrate them. We often do this on our social media handles on Instagram and Facebook. Follow us  @MensWellnessLeague and learn more about how we celebrate our MENBERS WINS!

One very specific story of one of our MEMBERS is a gentleman that took advantage of the extra available time during the pandemic. He’s one of my patients that had a focus on weight loss. He started off with us at roughly 278 lbs.  He recently weighed in at 220 lbs. This was a three month process for him. He lost almost 60 pounds in 90 days. He has not only improved his overall health and wellness. He no longer has to take medicine for blood pressure or diabetes. He has more energy now to play with his young kids. He feels more confident. His relationship in his marriage has improved and he also got promoted recently at his job. Talking about a success story! This level of wellness is clearly part of ones lifestyle. 

How do you engage men to participate?

You’re correct. Wellness is a lifestyle. That’s why we support our MENBERS every step of the way. Life is a marathon not a sprint. So as long as our guys are improving a little everyday. We’re ok with that.Most of our customers find us on social media or on our website. There are also a ton of guys that have heard about us through a friend of a friend or current MENBER. We also have a presence on a few local radio stations. 

Where would you like to see your company in the next five years?

We plan on having a national presence within the next 5 years. With 2-3 locations in the Atlanta market. We then plan to move forward with our national footprint. All men deserve to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives and we plan to do our part to assist with that.

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