My Pew: A Story of Love and Kindness- By Regina Murden


Marie is a girl after hearts and adores God’s creation. Marie has a pew that is special and kind. She is truly an activist that brings joy everywhere she goes.

Follow Marie’s journey as she spreads joy. It is not always easy being the new kid. Marie shares with us how to never meet a stranger. She embraces and chases hearts.

She gets courage from God and help from her friend, Bleau. If you are feeling down don’t worry because Marie is always looking for someone to share her pew.

Marie and friends opens us up to the wonderful possibilities of sharing something special with others.

A story about learning to be open to others. God created each of us with a different smile, shape, and skin. My Pew is a delightful read as it informs young readers to appreciate God’s love and beauty.

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About the Author

Regina Murden is an educator, inspired Bible teacher, and writer. Her purpose is to encourage women to experience the joy of a fulfilled life. She knows this can only come from a close relationship with God. Because of her involvement in discipleship, she founded the Responsive Soul A community where one soul heals another soul. This organization is primarily for women who are willing to become aware of their accountability to God.

She currently resides in Memphis, TN. She takes long walks, love horseback riding, and enjoy traveling. You can find her at

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