Overcome Adversities and Determine Self-Love with African American Author Tamisa Hunter

By Staff

What inspired you to become an author?

I really didn’t want to become an author; it just fell in my lap. I experienced so much darkness and pain that I started journaling. When I started doing that, the next thing I knew, I had a whole book of my thoughts, fears, feelings, frustrations, and my dark past. I had the opportunity to speak at a school for at-risk kids. After I spoke, a lady told me that I should write a book to tell my story because it could help people. That was in 2010. I would write about my life and stories for a few years until one day, I decided to make a book out of it. I met a lady and was sharing my heart’s desire, and she offered to help, not knowing she was a Book Coach. After a year and a half, the book that once was just a thought of pain on paper is now alive.

Tell us about your book.

But, I am Still Here is about overcoming adversity in life. It’s about surrendering. It’s about life and death. My book is about the struggles of life. A book of testimonies that are relatable in so many ways. The life of overcoming adversities and living to tell the story. Not to mention seeing the hand of God move in my life after facing death.

What can people expect to experience from your public speaking?

Authentic real raw truth. Transparency in its fullness and just a country girl out here living for God and sharing the tools of how to fully surrender and walk in their purpose.

What advice would you give to someone who seeks to become an entrepreneur?

Don’t give up. Write the vision, and don’t give up on it. Move in silence and lastly, encourage and speak over yourself daily. It’s only one of you. Your gift needs to be used, so have faith in yourself to do what God placed in your heart.

How has Covid impacted your business?

It hasn’t impacted my business, really. I just had to pivot a bit. It allowed me to go deeper within myself as a businesswoman. It forced me to implement the things that I had put off for such a long time. Which required me to reassess assumptions, re-evaluate scenarios and strengthen my ability for my business and clients.

What does success look like to you?

It’s funny at times because I’m not sure if I ever feel like I reached success. Sometimes the blessing and its curse are just being relentless in the journey. If I had to say just one thing, it would be seeing and knowing that other people can see the Glory of God over my life.

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

In 5 years, I would like to be a household name, my talk show, Table Talk with Tamisa to reach every household and digital platform, see the Kingdom Boss Lady Network grow to a million subscribers and lastly, my book “But I’m still here” continues to be a best seller along with the other five books that are soon to be released in the future


A loving wife of 23+ years, a mother of three, and a businesswoman, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and seeing women overcome the barriers of life by walking in their truth. Best known for empowering women and teen girls, the honest, transparent, and perseverance go-getter is an encourager who has been featured on multiple radio programs as Heaven 97 KHVN, 95.3 Jamz, PRAISE 98FM JAMZ, and has graced the cover of Southern Dallas Magazine, and featured in Pose Magazine, SwagHer Magazine, and National Hip Hop Magazine. As a successful businesswoman building a thriving brand over the past six years, she has successfully launched three businesses while also attaining her Life Coach Certification. She has taught at local schools speaking to at-risk teen girls about self-love and helping them know their worth. Through outreach, her customer base has grown rapidly within a just few short years and has led to accolades as being recognized for her achievements and awarded with the “Girl on Fire” award by Pose Magazine.

Instagram: @Tamisahunter

Facebook: @Tamisahunter

Website: Tamisahunter.com

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