Ray Young, Jr.’s First Book -Malik and the Magic Bowtie

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What has your experience been like as an entrepreneur?

My experience hasn’t been easy because I come from a background of poverty and I really never saw what being an entrepreneur looked like or any knowledge of being an entrepreneur. Additionally, I learned a lot of things through trials by fire. Moreover, I’ve learned the importance of knowing how to talk to people and be authentic in building relationships through different networks.Also, blessing others and giving back to the community through your business/gift, is rewarding. Lastly, my experience showed me that the smallest opportunities can create bigger opportunities in the future. Also, it provides a mirror of things I never knew that I could do or had a fear of doing; learn to not take on other people’s fears. 

What inspired you to become an author in such a competitive industry?
  One of my inspirations to become an author is a lack of Black men that are children’s book authors. I wanted to write books that look like our children, but more importantly utilize writing to  educate, inspire, encourage and empower. Becoming an author provides me the opportunity to use my creative side to reach children across the world, even youth and adults. Being an author with a inspirational story of coming from many challenges and persevering through a lot to achieve where I am today, it gives me the ability to relate to children, youth and adults, it allows me in spaces to share my story.

Tell us about your book.
“Malik and the Magic Bow Tie”  is about inspiration, empowerment and a wonderful relationship between a father and son. The storyline is paired with spectacular illustrations from award-winning 3D illustrator, Mr. Tyrus Goshay. The book is easy to read and is crafted to encourage children to pursue their goals and dreams. It confirms that their greatness can overcome anything that they put their mind to!

How important is it for images that look like us to be featured in books that our children read?
 It is very important to our children’s psychology to see positive images of themselves. I can remember watching and studying videos like  the “Doll Experiment” which was conducted by psychologists Dr. Kenneth and Mamie Clark. Their experiment shows how early children’s understand seeing images that relate to them, either negative or positive. Moreover, I have received pictures from parents/caregivers of their children dressing up as the character “Malik,” mentioning how their child wanted to be like the character, seeing a behavior change at home and school, these are just a few examples of when a child sees themselves in a book. 

Where would you like to see your career in the next five years? 

I hope to be an entrepreneur full-time, which will allow me to travel, speak/inspire,  write and spend time with family. Furthermore, I see myself writing more books, creating a movie or TV show from  “Malik and the Magic Bow Tie” and at the same time branding the character in various ways, which I’ve already started (i.e backpacks, t-shirts and more). In addition, I want to see my clothing brand called MYGO (which means “My Greatness Overcomes”) expand/grow to be competitive in the market. Lastly, I see myself creating multiple business avenues and becoming a philanthropist impacting various communities/youth.


Ray Young, Jr. is a native of Waco, Texas and someone that has overcome many obstacles in life. He grew up in a single-parent home, his father was incarcerated, he was homeless, associated with street life, etc. These life situations lead him into depression, low self-esteem, hopelessness, dropping out of school in the 10th grade and landing him in the juvenile justice system twice. Mr. Young  lived in the inner-city where he saw no hope or opportunity around him to excel in life. This is just a small snippet of his story. 

Moreover, “Malik and the Magic Bowtie” is his first book. Mr. Young has a Bachelor’s degree, two Master’s Degrees and plans to continue his education in a doctorate program; he is the first in his family to graduate from college. Mr. Young is a certified Life Coach and motivational speaker; CEO of Klear Envisionation, LLC. He is the CEO and Founder of a nonprofit called Young’s Vision Achievement Consulting as well as the Owner and Founder of the MYGO brand, which means “My Greatness Overcomes.” Mr. Young has many awards and achievements including the National Service Award through AmeriCorps.

Business: www.klearenvisionation.com

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