Actor Lester Eric Hart II


By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become an actor?

For me it wasn’t only watching my favorite actors or favorite actresses on the big screen. It was also the enjoyment of being able to act out my favorite scenes with my brothers on our home camera. Not only did it inspire me, but it also gave me the notion this can be my reality.

What type of training have you experienced?

I’ve trained at the Vagabond School of Arts in Chicago for the last couple of years. Starting with their Fundamentals of Acting course and completing all of their on- camera levels. Learning from them has been an amazing experience and has helped me grow as an actor. The instructors have an incredible amount of knowledge and experience. They put me in real-life situations by creating scenarios I might face in an audition room. They provided me with the tools & techniques for me to grow as an actor.

How has Covid-19 impacted the industry?

It slowed down a lot of productions and in some cases completely shut them down. I know for me specifically I was cast in a TV pilot and shortly after the entire country went into lock down. As a result, the pilot was canceled, and I haven’t heard anything regarding production since. It’s even affected my training because it’s all virtual now. Which for me takes away the in-person experience you receive when you’re in class.

Tell us about your favorite role to date.?

I recently played a character named Patrick. A fun, single guy looking for love again. He finally finds someone (Krystal) and they set a date for dinner. However, his ex-moves back in town which confuses him, and he stands Kyrstal up. After things fall through with Patrick’s ex, him and Krystal set another dinner date to meet up for the first time. However, this time around Kyrstal realizes she’s no one’s second option and gives Patrick a taste of his own medicine and never shows up, Karma.

I really enjoyed that role, plus it was a blast to be on set with talented and amazing people.

What advice would you give someone who desires to become an actor?

Love the craft, understand and appreciate the art of acting. If that’s your foundation, it’ll keep you grounded as an actor. Recognize you can’t cheat the work; it’ll show in your results. Do the work.

Where would you like to see your career in the next five years?

It’s a goal of mine, God willing, to work with some of my favorite actors. Being able to work with the people that I admire and look up to in the industry would be astonishing.

About Lester

Lester Eric Hart II is and American actor born on February 18th 1989 in Decatur, Illinois.

He is the middle of three children of Karen Houston of Decatur,IL and Lester Hart Sr., of Cairo,IL. During high school he was a star basketball player in his hometown. After graduation he went on to play college basketball at Parkland College and University of Illinois at Springfield. Where he studied business management and administration. After college he furthered his basketball career by playing professionally in the states and abroad.

Lester would make the transition from the hardwood to the studio in 2018. He has been training at Vagabond School of the Arts in Chicago since then, completing all of their on camera courses. His instructors are some of Chicago’s notable actors: Michael Mccraken (Chicago PD), Robyn Coffin (Chicago Fire), Holly Allen, Elizabeth Laidlaw (The Red Line, Chicago PD) and Maura Kidwell (Chicago Justice).

In 2018, Lester played the role of Eric in the movie Feminie filmed in Atlanta. Shortly after he booked a role for a TV pilot in Chicago. Production was set to film in 2020 but has ceased due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As of 2021 he landed a leading role of a young, single man looking for love again in the Chicago Film “The Perfect Date.”

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